Mandala of Unity

Out of many, One


Julie of Light Omega

All that is perceived as separating us from each other and from the One of whom we are each a part, arose out of the original separation from the Oneness and the fear that began as a result. It is only through the eyes of fear and the need for self-protection that our own eyes can stop at the outer layer of another's being, judging them or fearing them for the qualities of that layer, without knowing that it is merely a transparency for the One heart, the One mind, showing itself through the faces of the Many.

Instead of understanding different-ness in this way, when we are young, we often absorb the inner attitudes of parents, family, community, or society, that sees a particular expression of the Many as being uncomfortably strange.  It is not different-ness, per se, that makes for the feeling of strangeness, but rather fear which causes us to focus on the different-ness and prevents us from seeing through the faces of the Many to the One.

For every embodied soul, there are those whom we have not met, nor seen, nor communicated with, nor understood before.  There are those whose habits, and language, and customs, and rituals will seem foreign in relation to our own.  However, whether that foreign-ness is greeted with interest and an all embracing love, or whether it is greeted with a sense of alienation and distance, is not built into the situation of diversity, but into the state of our hearts and their readiness to love all – their readiness to embrace all as ourselves.

The need to separate from a particular group of others can be applied to almost anyone at any time and varies with culture, history, and personal circumstance.  At its worst, fear turns into judgment, and judgment turns into hatred with all its many consequences for racial, ethnic, social, or political scapegoating. The virulent hatred that has given rise to so much suffering between groups and at the hands of one group toward another, has been a motivating force in much of human history, containing the energy of darkness, fear, and separation, and cutting us off not only from others but from ourselves as well. This wounding to the self occurs since each thought or action we take in the direction of becoming the judge of others constricts the spiritual blood flow to our hearts, and with less flow, we are less capable of living and of experiencing ourselves fully.

There will come a time when we, as a planetary body, will have to face the immense challenge and opportunity of greeting others from other worlds – others whose planetary origins are sourced in an entirely different culture and evolutionary pattern than the one we know to be our own human variation.  At that time, the roots of prejudice will emerge in their final form, finally to be dispelled entirely as we embrace the broader universe of life and welcome it, or, the same roots will try to re-establish themselves and we will seek to create division in a new area, with new fears and a new need for self-protection.  This new level of fear would arise out of the perceived need to safeguard the planet as an entirety.

We are moving toward that time of collective 'first contact', and the way is being prepared in our hearts, for it cannot happen until a readiness exists to move beyond the barriers of fear and prejudice, and to understand and cherish our own place in the great diversity of life.  At that time, for most of humanity, the heart will have opened sufficiently so that barriers that separate will have given way before the immense desire to share the love and sense of unity that prevails throughout the entire universe of illuminated planets.  Finally, we will take our place as children of that Unity, one among Many and Many within One, with the capacity to extend Divine life beyond the limits of place that we know to exist today, into the furthest reaches of the infinite universe beyond the stars.


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