Assisting in the birth of a planet


Julie of Light Omega

Beloved Ones,

There are many on the planet today who have come specifically at this time in order to advance the cause of humanity's transition into light and to help the Earth make this transition. Each of these embodied souls serve through their own embodiment and consciousness by bringing light and love through their being and spreading the awareness of unity and love everywhere. Lightworkers may occupy specific paths of service as healers, counselors, and helpers in various forms, but they may also exist within ordinary spheres of activity, and may appear to themselves to be ordinary citizens of the planet. The underlying consciousness, however, is that of one who seeks to extend love wherever possible, and who seeks to live in harmony with the Earth.

There is a group of lightworkers, however, within this larger group, that comes with a specific mission to the Earth at this time, a mission that involves not only spreading energies of light and love but absorbing energies of disunity and darkness. These lightworkers are specifically aligned with the mission of the Christ to the Earth at this time, and they have taken on a calling that can be challenging on many levels, a calling to assist in the purification of the Earth and of human consciousness through the direct encounter with energies of opposition and through the direct absorption of these energies into their body and awareness. Sometimes this calling exacts a toll physically and energetically, and there are many, both healers and non-healers alike, who wonder why they are so sensitive to others and to environments. Some who have committed themselves to the mission of the Christ on the soul level are not aware of it on the embodied level, but rather experience the difficulty involved as just something they must put up with.

Beloved Ones, the soul can commit itself fully and with dedication and faithfulness to something that the embodied self is not aware of or is only dimly aware of, and in many instances the challenges of this situation must be endured until such time as the path of service becomes more fully awakened within the conscious self, and until more light may be retained within the body that will permit the difficult energies to be dissolved in light without a problem.

There are many souls now who are serving the mission of the Christ without knowing it. They are faithful to it. They endure out of love. They are here because in the fullness of their love for God and for God's Creation they have volunteered to assist in this way and to endure the consequences on an energetic level if there be such.

Because all is one, all of Creation is being affected at this time by the Earth's transition into light. As the Earth moves out of the sphere of duality into the sphere of unity, spiritually and vibrationally, everything is touched by this change. Therefore, it is a cosmic event of great importance and forces that are present and intending to prevent or limit this shift are being counteracted by all embodied souls who have taken on a portion of responsibility for assisting in God's plan for the redemption of a planet.

There is a paradox here that cannot easily be fathomed by human awareness. For what must be dealt with as a challenge on the plane of duality, within the larger unity of God is already assured. For God's plan for Creation has insured from the beginning that the transition taking place now would take place, and although there remain challenges for as long as darkness and separation continue to have a hold within human consciousness, the force of light is stronger than all darkness and thus will prevail. This is the inherent paradox, then, that though there are forces and counter-forces present within the plane of duality that must be met, the outcome is already assured. All lightworkers who are here at this time are playing their part in this cosmic drama in order that the highest light may find its true abode everywhere, replacing the consciousness of separation.

May all who find themselves challenged by the confrontations in their lives take heart from this knowledge of the importance of their mission and the great love within their own soul that has agreed to it. May all who have chosen to serve in this way be blessed, for their loving service is immeasurable in its value to all of life.


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