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An End to Shame: The Journey of the Soul

Becoming Light: The Sacred Practice of Alignment

Beginning a Spiritual Practice (Series)

The Christic Seed

Emotional Intensity and the Recurrence of Old Patterns

Healing the Wounds of Childhood - The Purification Process

Letting Go of the Past: The Time for Forgiveness

Moving Into Light - The Time of Transition

The Psychic and the Spiritual: An Unfolding Reality

The Road to Awakening

Soul Purpose and Intuitions of the Future

Soul Purpose, Inner Purpose, and the Path of Light

Spiritual Awakening: The Opening of the Way

There Is No Such Thing As Failure

Trusting the Opening of Insight and Intuition

Waiting as a Spiritual Practice

The Way of Inner Guidance - Knowing What is True

When Giving is not Based on Receiving: The Sacred Practice of Opening the Heart



Healing Into Light: The Purification of Individuals and of the Earth

Holding the Light: The Present Nature of Global Purification

The Presence of Light and the Expression of Darkness in the World

The Tears of the Earth



Global Purification


The Reverberation of Shock: Britain's Exit from the European Union

Compassion for Those Who Do Harm

Global Purification - Light and Darkness

The 'Spiritual' and the 'Political'

Polarization - An Attitude and an Energy

Words and Energy: Developing a Feeling for Truth

Borders and Boundaries - Refugees and the Relationship Between Self and Other



The Time of Revelation

In This Time

The Refugee Crisis and the Awakening of Conscience



The Road to Peace

The Flame of Protest

Species Extinction and You



An End to Adversaries and the Creation of Unity

I Am You - A New Consciousness for the Earth

The Source of Hope Within

The Separation of Light and Darkness

There is Another Way

Violence in Egypt, Syria, the World

From 'Gender Binary' to 'Gender Spectrum' Identity - A New Basis for Equality

Factionalism in Egypt and the World

The Soul's Purpose

Reclaiming One's Consciousness

Changing Our Hearts



An End to 'Second-Class' Citizens

Beyond Time - The Shift into Timelessness

Innocence and Scandal - A Choice for Our Time

Aggression and Dominance: The Way of the Past

Energetic Influences on Depression and Despair



A New America - The Return of the Sacred

Purification, Sexual Scandals, and the Return to Sacred Sexuality

Living With the Unknown



The Transformation of Anger - From Accusation to Affirmation

Earth Changes, Upheavals, and Purification

How Things Change - Compromise and Commitemnt

The New View of Property - Moving Into Higher Consciousness

I Am You

What is Freedom? Freedom and the 'Free-Market Economy'

Freedom and Unity - What You Can Do



'Transparency' and Purification

A New Consciousness: The Story of Bottled Water

Planetary Purification: The Up-rising in Xinjiang

Iran - Global Purification and the Desire for Freedom

How Consciousness Changes

Why Things Must Change



Dealing With Economic Fear

The Nature of Upheaval - Personal, National, Planetary

Planetary Purification - A View of the Recent Crisis in Georgia

The Earth Purifies - Earth Changes, Flooding, and Extreme Weather Patterns

Changing Consciousness, Changing the World

An Awakening Earth

Purification and Truth - The Task of Light



Al Gore's Peace Prize and Planetary Awakening

The Death of Benazir Bhutto and the Power of Love

Global Purification: The Separation Between Light and Darkness

The Great Spiritual Awakening of the Earth

Heart of the Earth: An Emerging Reality

Holding Darkness in Light: Global Purification

Planetary Transformation: The Earth's Role in the Cosmos

Planetary Transformation - The Time We Are In

Planetary Transformation - The World As We Know It

The Time of Awakening

Violence in Virginia and the Time We Are In: A Spiritual Perspective



The Beginning of the New - A Message of Hope

Effect of Increased Light on the Animal Kingdom

Influence of Darkness on the Consciousness of Man

Planetary Ascension

The Purification of the Earth

Transformation of the Living Earth - Part II

Transformation of the Living Earth


A Time of Dispersion


Article Section -  Purification


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