Mandala of the Soul

We are one Body, one Life


Julie of Light Omega

The whole world is looking for a home, a home for the heart, a home where peace and love can be present.  A home where safety can be present.  This home is often associated with a sharing of events with one's biological family.  And yet such sharing does not always fully satisfy, for the longing for home is deeper than this.  It is for a place of peace and rest, of understanding and mutuality, of respect and consideration, where the irritability that often is present in family relationships is no longer present.  This home of the heart is the Place of Peace.

There are many names given to this home of the heart, for it belongs to all of humanity and is felt as a presence within all authentic spiritual traditions.  The names may vary, but the essential quality of arrival does not.  One takes off one's shoes; one sits down; one is embraced and surrounded by love and welcoming.  This is the nature of home. 

While 'home' remains eternally with each soul, the feeling for it has diminished in human beings over time.  This is largely due to the vibrational lowering of energy and consciousness so that the physical world has come to seem more and more as all there is.  One's surroundings, then, begin to define the self and not the inner experience of truth.  These surroundings may or may not have qualities of 'home,' and for many do not.  For many, separation from their original physical home has become an unfortunate legacy of war, economic deprivation, or civil strife, as they wander or are compelled to seek a new home elsewhere.  Thus, the feeling for home has become elusive and many do not even think it possible to find it.  Yet, home exists within each one, not as an idea but as a living experience of love, peace, and unity.  One cannot separate from it.  It can only be covered over.

The longing for home has grown proportionately with the expansion of light on Earth and at this point is very strong.  At the same time, forces of opposition to renewing this inner knowledge have increased as well so that instead of peace, much of the world today feels desperate, despairing, and hopeless.  This situation can only be remedied through a further expansion of light which will overcome the covering of hopelessness and allow embodied souls to experience the living reality of the inner divine Presence that is their true home.  Such an expansion has begun and will come to all who are longing for it.  For it is Divine intention that the search for home result in its being found, and that the longing for it be comforted through its arrival.



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