Mandala of the Soul

The soul speaks today with a voice that

asks to be heard.



Julie of Light Omega

The life of the soul is a life of meaning.  It imbues each gesture, thought, and deed with the full integrity of being that comes from conscious connection with the Source of life.  It infuses all responsiveness to life with the love that is part of this connection.  Though the life of the soul may be covered over, doubted, or misperceived, it remains as the center of life and truth that resides within each human being.

The eternal quality of the soul can become known to the embodied self, but not before a passageway is created between the personal self and its higher aspects.  This passageway permits the opening to a deeper level of knowing, feeling, and sensing than has been possible before, based on the thought process of the conscious mind.  Though the mind as we know it has been important throughout history in assisting the process of evolution to move forward, today, at the point of maximum expression of the rational, it now retreats into a secondary place in relation to defining reality.  It does not do this of its own accord, however, but rather because a new energy that seeks balance begins to infuse the body and awareness – an energy that brings forth new perceptions based on the intuitive and the sacred, rather than on the rational. Now, the soul steps forward into the growing light of spiritual awareness, and what may have made little or no sense to the rational mind, begins to awaken memory, truth, and recognition within the deeper self.

Within the soul awareness of every being lies the line of connection that makes of each heart, one Heart, and that makes of each identity, one greater identity with all other souls on the earth and with all other souls that live.  For the identity of the soul is not merely a planetary identity, but one that resides within the nexus of a spiritual universe containing many layers of expression.  The awareness of participating in this vast, mysterious, and heretofore invisible universe comes to each one who opens to soul awareness, bringing with it the understanding that there is abundant life everywhere, and that God, by whatever name God is called, is at the center of that life.

The historical term for the eternal and unified part of the self has been called 'soul' by many traditions and cultures, and so it is today as well. More recently, however, the higher aspects of individual being have also been referred to as the 'higher self', the 'I Am Presence', and the pure Spirit. Each of these names refers to the soul in its aspect of the Eternal and Infinite – the part that remains one with Divine essence and consciousness. The soul, being multi-faceted, also has a part that can move closer to earthly embodiment and physical awareness. This part contains the memories of multiple lifetimes, as well as the learning gained from each.

By whatever name it is called, the soul speaks to us today with a voice that asks to be heard, allowing those who listen to receive its messages and guidance, often amplified by the additional guidance and loving intentions of expanded souls who live within the realms of light.  These beings of light help to uplift and make possible the joining of the human embodied self with its higher aspects, so that soul awareness can increase and life can be lived from the place of God-centeredness.

To live as a soul is to live in the consciousness of Unity and in the awareness of Love which is the central binding force that holds universes together. It is to recognize one's participation in the immensely complex and textured fabric of Creation that is pure Divine gift, and to seek to live in accord with the universal harmonic that joins all realms of existence.

This, then, is the beginning of soul awareness, an awareness founded in love and in the knowledge of the sacred Oneness within which we draw breath.  Such awareness allows the human self to live freely beyond the confines of thought and emotion, to create freely with an understanding of the power of thought and intention, and to feel the presence of the one Heart that beats through all individual hearts, giving  meaning to life and nourishing all that lives.


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