Mandala of the Soul

The soul speaks today with a voice that

asks to be heard.



Julie of Light Omega

Beloved Ones,

Your deepest heart knows what your soul purpose is. It is connected with the you that you wish to be.  It is embedded in the place of joy within you.  Its expression creates a sense of fulfillment and meaning.  It is the reason for your being on the Earth at this time.


No matter what your outer life may look like, all purposes of the soul are deeply spiritual in nature.  They have, as their aim, the deepening of awareness, of values, and most importantly, are designed to bring you into greater wholeness within yourself.


Soul purpose may out-picture in a variety of ways and is not only related to outer activity but to an inner state of concentration or focus as well.  Outwardly, one may be an actor, a hairdresser, a columnist, a musician, an expert in a particular field of human knowledge, and yet without exception, the chosen field of activity emerges from the central spiritual stream that shapes a life and gives it meaning.  The activity itself is laden with overt and hidden values that speak to your inner being about why you are doing what you are doing and what it is trying to teach you or deepen within you.  Every chosen activity is a teacher, and especially those that are enacted over a long period of time.  Similarly, an inner focus of great importance may be fundamentally related to one's soul purpose, representing the stream of thought and motivation that one has come into this life to learn from and share.


Your soul purpose is also invariably connected with the soul purposes of others.  For no one lives alone.  All are connected within the planetary body that is One.  Therefore, what you have chosen to do, or learn, or be within your embodied expression, affects all others and is affected by all others.  This interactive field of relatedness does not necessarily happen at a conscious level, but is true, nevertheless, on an energetic level  and in terms of the time and place you have chosen to take birth.


Many yearn to know their soul purpose today because the orientation toward a life of meaning and one in which a contribution can be made to the wellbeing of others has gained adherents.  This has happened as the hearts of all have expanded and as purer spiritual air permeates the mental and emotional atmosphere of the Earth.  For this reason, even the expression ‘soul purpose’ is no longer foreign to mainstream consciousness.  It is no longer foreign to what most people think of as a meaningful life.  The hunger for meaning has increased along with the expansion of the heart and the proximity of the soul to embodied self awareness.  It is therefore felt to be more important, today, to answer the question: “Why am I here?”


Often, souls take birth and remember, even as children, the primary value orientation that is the central part of their soul purpose and the answer to the question, “Why am I here?”  These stirrings are present in many children whose strength of feeling in certain areas reveals an already developed sensibility concerning what is important in life and what they value.  Such children, even at a very young age, have a sense of values and a way of expression that is natural to them.  They are, to the adults who surround them, children who have come here with a wisdom and a knowing that is beyond their years.


By contrast, there are many adults who have pursued a spiritual life for years and yet do not know what they are meant to do.  Internally, there is an unclear motivational landscape that does not seem to permit the passionate pursuit of a clear direction.  This is not uncommon.  And yet in all cases there is operating a distinct and unique soul purpose, even while indecision and lack of clarity are present.  During such times, it is merely the outer expression that has not yet been found.  Soul purpose is still manifesting in the midst of the groping and uncertainty that may be taking place.


Those who feel unclear, often feel lost.  And so it becomes important to learn that inner guidance is possible and needed in order to orient the inner being toward the deeper motivation that will create the outer direction to follow.  Seeking such inner guidance is a spiritual practice of great importance, and trusting this process, essential.  Frequently, those who do not feel clear about their purpose do not feel they can access inner guidance with a sense of security.  What this turns out to mean in many cases, however, is based not on not-knowing or sensing guidance, but on self-invalidation which causes the leanings of the heart and of the deeper self to be doubted or partially rejected. Such self-invalidation must be let go of in order to live life on the level of the soul.  For each soul has a path to walk in life, and it is their very own path.  Each has a way of being that is natural to the deeper self that no one else can choose, but that only the inner self can know.  Each embodied soul must strive to be faithful to this path in order to serve the purposes of the soul.

Such is the nature of soul purpose, and its gifts are many.  What is acquired through faithfulness to one’s inner being and purpose is a sense of rightness and of integrity – of living the most fulfilling life that is possible, the life that gives one’s inner self the greatest freedom to be.  This is the nature of a life lived according to the dictates of the soul, and its blessings are found in the multiple ways that such a life affects not only the individual self, but all others as well.


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