The abode of the Eternal lives within.

Julie of Light Omega

Beloved Ones,

It is part of embodied life to focus on the level of the mind and on the level of the emotions as a way of identifying the self.  Such identification has come about over a very long period of time and its presence signals the ascendance of the ego-self within time and space and the relative diminishment of the conscious awareness of one's inner being – one's transcendent, immortal, soul-self.  That this shift took place is not a mistake.  It is not an error in judgment.  It is the consequence of souls being drawn into the sphere of duality which the physical realm represented, and it was by choice that souls arrived there.


Yet all of such identification is but a transitory stage on the path of return to the point of one's origins.  All is in transition, awaiting the influx of greater light into consciousness in order to complete the circle and to bring the embodied self home again.  For this purpose, God has ordained that light of the Highest shall be present upon the Earth and implanted within it, affecting the physical in every molecule and pore of its inherent structure.  As a result, souls will be enabled and the physical Earth will be enabled to complete the journey into wholeness and reunion.


The soul-self that lives within you is eternal and everpresent.  It cannot be diminished by emotion or limited by thought.  But what can be limited by thought and by emotion is your perception of who you are.  Your conscious self must bypass thought and emotion in order to reacquire the sense of inner being, for one may say that it lives in the body more than in the feelings or in thought.  It lives as a sense of eternal truth within the deepest levels of your own knowing.  This inner sensibility remains within you at all times.  It is there during times of peace and it is there during times of trouble.  It is what makes it possible to endure through difficulties of all kinds, and it is what makes it possible for you to know the truth of your own relationship with the Divine.   What is needed is for you to turn toward it.


Especially during times of hardship, it is often difficult to override feelings of hopelessness, despair, anxiety, and overwhelm.  And it is precisely at such times that it is most important to turn toward your inner being as if you were a plant turning toward the sun.  It can be that innate.  It can be that automatic.  It involves the confident belief that there is a place inside that is untouched by what is going on outside you, a place that remains steadfast in relation to truth and in relation to the deepest values of the heart.  During times of trouble, it is most important to remember this.


There are pathways of access that help in this remembering.  You may release thought and emotion through any form of meditation that is comfortable or familiar to you.  You may immerse yourself in the quiet and peace of the trees and of nature.  Most significantly, you must release disbelief that this place exists within you and that it is accessible, for energies that are prominent on the Earth today seek to separate many from themselves and thrive in the area of doubt and disbelief.  If you can hold fast to the belief that the abode of the Eternal lives within you as you, you will be able to find the path to it.


Breathing deeply with the consciousness of light is important, for light opens paths that remain closed in its absence.  The Practice of Alignment can be of great help in this regard, for it brings light into both body and mind and opens the doorway to your soul.


The understanding that you are not your thoughts or your feelings is important, and even if it has not yet become a realized experience, it is essential that you know that it can become an experience.  It is you.  It is the pure you of Creation.  It can remain as a beacon and a place of shelter in times of turbulence.


Your inner being is more real than the transitory and passing scene of what you are feeling or thinking in these moments.  As the sun is more real than shadows which vanish in its presence, so, too, are the shadows of what exist within the more superficial layers of yourself less real than that which is deeper.


You are not your thoughts.  You are not your emotions.  You are the eternal light of your soul, emanating now from the center of who you are.  Breathe, release, feel the warmth of the Divine within you.


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