The Wayshower shows where humanity is going.

Julie of Light Omega

A wayshower is one who embodies the qualities that he or she wishes others to absorb and learn, who manifests these qualities in full measure so that the light that they carry can transfer to the consciousness of all who behold them.  Such consciousness is often opaque to qualities of Divine origin that manifest at a lower level of vibration outwardly, while existing in full potency only on the soul level.  It requires great strength and great intentionality to manifest the full potency of soul qualities so that they can convey the necessary energetic life-force to others who can then assimilate and identify with these energies and qualities more easily.


The wayshower is one who has met challenges of the past and used these to strengthen the qualities of soul that already are present, and to bring these qualities of soul into outer expression.  Thus, one who is a wayshower often has had to experience many difficult times in life in order that the soul qualities become more refined and strengthened, and in order that they then may infuse the outer life expression.


The presence of challenge or difficulty, therefore, is not necessarily a sign of personal purification needing to take place at the karmic level, but of a challenge needing to be met and mastered in order that the mission of embodiment come into full potency and full unfoldment.  Nevertheless, many still judge themselves because of the difficulties they face without fully knowing that they have chosen these difficulties on the soul level in order to bring forth virtues and soul qualities that may then be absorbed by others more easily.


The wayshower may exist within all walks of life, within all religious backgrounds and persuasions, and within all ethnic and cultural orientations, for the strength of soul qualities that make one a wayshower are not dependent upon religious identification, but rather on the soul-essence and mission of the soul in bringing that essence forward within a given lifetime.  In this way, one may look at life purpose in terms of one’s fulfillment of such an inner mission, and the accomplishment of the task of the soul as the outer manifestation of what has already been present on an inner level for a very long time.


Wayshowers are often found within challenging times and challenging circumstances, for Divine intention seeds them there with the idea of helping others move forward through these times of turbulence by showing and offering a pathway through.



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