Redemption - May peace come to the Earth at last


Julie of Light Omega

Sanctified and holy is the path of redemption of both the human soul and of the planet Earth as it moves toward the glory of the light that has always been its true spiritual home.  This path, trod over many centuries and millennia with an increasing loss of consciousness of the way home, or even that something central had been lost, is coming into awareness now as the necessary and inevitable next step for all of mankind.  This is true because within the Divine order of celebratory events, it is the time of the earth's quickening and new birth.  It is also true because the way has been prepared now for centuries so that this movement can occur.

The return to the premises of man's Covenant with God and to a deeply-rooted understanding of the sacred nature of life is coming to us, today, not so much as a new teaching, as an uncovering of the foundations of a reality that had always existed but that had gone unnoticed before now.  This uncovering reveals something that had always been there, but hidden behind a veil of unknowing. The shift needed to engage with this new reality is not one of the mind, but of the heart and the intuition, for everything outwardly may appear to be the same.  Yet inwardly, the heart is singing a new song - a song of unity with life, a song of celebration, a song acknowledging the greater life within all.

The years that have passed in recent times, have brought with them many departures from the truth of oneness and from the outgrowth of a kind of love in which all men would be equally respected and held as valuable and precious.  And this departure from truth on an individual and collective level still continues.  Yet the awakening of the Divine heart within the human, and the increased closeness of the soul level of being as it draws nearer to the embodied self, makes possible a new consciousness of what love means and what respect means.  This new consciousness will be the basis for a new society and a new way of governing men.  As it unfolds within the human heart, the heart will come to feel the necessity for its own expression, and the new forms will be created on a societal level which will make this possible.

The Path of Redemption is not a religion, nor a spiritual practice, nor a body of teachings, but rather the way that opens before us, today, as we live, walk, breathe, and go about our lives.  This way is opening not due to further education about spiritual matters, but due to an expanding awareness which is based on the incorporation of greater light within the body and mind, and within those areas that have waited so long in darkness and pain for the possibility of healing to take place.

Redemption refers to a spiritual return, and to a making possible once again of something that had been forgotten or lost.  It is mankind's next step into the evolutionary wonders of a new consciousness that shall make possible a new world,  based on principles that are direct descendants of light's quickening.

May all beings be blessed by this great transition into light, and may peace come to the earth at last.




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