Burst into singing all ye lands,

for the time of awakening is here.


Julie of Light Omega

Framed in the ancient prophecies of Judaism and Christianity regarding the future of the Earth, and supported by the mystical center of other spiritual traditions, we move into that future now through the growing awareness of God with and within us, within our own bodies and consciousness and within the dimension of time and space

Predictions of the end-times and visions of the prophets have held that in that time God's presence will be felt upon the Earth as a tangible reality. Now, the door to that reality has begun to open, yet how this transition happens is part of a great and unfolding mystery - one associated with the purposes of Creation and the evolution of human consciousness. We participate in that mystery to the extent that we progressively recognize and experience the relationship between spirit and matter, and as we progressively awaken to our own hearts.

"The Birth of a Sacred Planet" houses a number of sections related to the above themes. "Ancient Prophecies" and "The History of the Soul's Journey Through time" speak to the link between past and future, augmenting the thread of hope for the Earth that has been carried through generations and centuries.

"A Cosmology of Light" describes the purposefulness of Creation as the revelation and experience of God's Unity.  It is intended to expand awareness concerning the participation of each human being in the Divine plan for Creation.

"Particle Physics and Unity/Individuality Consciousness," "Moving Toward Fifth Dimensional Awareness," and several articles on time and timelessness describe certain aspects of the transition that lies ahead for many and that has already begun for some. These writings describe some of the specific aspects of the consciousness shift in progress.

Finally, and of great importance, are the writings describing spiritual awakening as a transition from darkness to light, brought about through a process of individual and global purification.  These writings are meant to show the path through difficulty and the eventual triumph of light and consciousness that can hold with truth in the presence of that which is less true.  It is purification that makes possible the transition to a new and expanded reality.

In "The Birth of a Sacred Planet" concepts are offered so that the way toward an illuminated future may be found more easily, with greater trust in the steps to be taken.  All that is needed for this endeavor is the willingness to become the reality that already lives in one's deepest heart.  This is the reality of the soul, and it will set the Earth and all of her inhabitants free.



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