Northern Midnight by Nicholas Roerich

Burst into singing all ye lands,

for the time of awakening is here.



Chapter 1.  The New Energy

A new energy is awakening upon the earth. It is awakening within physical matter and it is awakening within the very air we breathe. It can be felt within the body, and it can be felt within the life in all things. Everywhere, there is a new vitality and life that is being breathed into physical life, invisible, yet sure, making itself known almost imperceptibly, yet not without the sense it conveys to the heart that something is different.


These changes to the body of the earth and to all that we call 'physical' are also changes that are taking place within the human body, for the human body is composed of the same elements as the earth, and what happens to one, happens to the other. As the earth begins to respond to the new energy that is infusing its most minute particles, so, too, does the human body begin to change in structure and function, invisibly, silently, yet producing for human consciousness, a sense that things are being reorganized from within – that there are large shifts and movements taking place.


In the presence of this greater intensity of life, deeper feelings, sometimes of a difficult nature, are arising. Simultaneously, events around us may be configuring themselves in ways that stir strong reactions or that require change from us. We are having stronger responses to things, both positively and negatively – responses produced by the growing energy of spiritual light infusing the atmosphere of the earth and entering into material form within the earth's physical and energy bodies.


The new light present is speeding things up, both internally and externally. This occurs because all of life is a healing process – a journey into greater wholeness produced by the Divine impulse within life, and by the interactions of our souls with life. This journey sets in motion both internal and external events from which we may learn, and what we learn is how to expand and grow in the direction of greater light and love. We are moving, one and all, into a greater integration of our human and our Divine Self - the inner being that lives at our core.


With greater spiritual light present, more in the way of growth and healing becomes possible, and new avenues for healing open up. What we become during this process is a new being, free of many burdens that we have carried through years and lifetimes. The process of purification(1) enables us to do this - to release the old ways and to integrate the new at higher levels. Being released forever are ideas and motivations from the past that no longer resonate with the new energies of light, nor with who we are and are becoming. These older energies have weighed us down and constricted our movement. They have prevented us from feeling free.


Now, however, we are moving into a new time, one in which events are conspiring to bring to us those situations most conducive to liberating us – those situations that will help us become more conscious and more willing to let go of what we no longer need. Sometimes, this letting go is done easily and with grace. At other times, we must deal with difficult feelings, over and over again, until they can be replaced by new attitudes and new ideas. All of this is orchestrated by God's light which, through the power of its purity and the grace of its love, is moving each and every one of us into greater wholeness.


The accelerated healing process that many are going through today takes place through the speeding up of karmic events(2) so that they impinge on our consciousness more deeply and with greater frequency. These events are woven into the stream of our life in unknown ways. Often chosen by the soul prior to our taking birth, these significant events present us with encounters that we need in order to grow and to heal. Now, in the presence of greater light, they are called forth by the light itself, marshaling themselves to bring us gifts of change and healing.


Such pivotal events may involve the loss of a job or a relationship, or the necessary taking on of a new responsibility. They may require us to choose a new career or profession, or a different place to live or work. They may ask us to let go of old ideas that we have held about ourselves, and to be fearless in stepping into the new. Many of these events support positive growth in an obvious way. Yet all such events have, as their purpose, the healing into wholeness of the embodied self. At this time on the earth, many are moving more rapidly than before in this direction, often without the awareness that this is so.


Some of these external events ask us to choose between two options in life, one of which takes us in the direction of greater light, love, and truth, while the other – a choice which may be more comfortable or familiar - embeds us more deeply in a path of fear or constriction. In order for our lives to open out before us, we are invited to choose the path of expansion and of light, overriding the fear that we may have and choosing trust instead.


The energy of light is bringing with it certain other changes to our consciousness. As it moves more deeply into our awareness, it asks for the replacement of conflict by the desire for unity; for the replacement of prejudice, anger, and judgment by compassion and respect; and for the replacement of greed and self-indulgence by the desire for the wellbeing of all. We are each being called to a higher and purer moral center – one in which the motivation to love predominates, and in which the willingness to disregard the needs of others, disappears.


Beyond healing of the individual, the earth itself is also becoming freer of energies she has carried that have weighed her down for millennia, acting like an invisible burden that could not be released. Now, these same energies are being transformed and let go of so that the planetary body can heal in the ways that it needs to, and so that the earth's physical and energy bodies can adapt themselves to the new, incoming frequencies of spiritual light. These new energies are entering the spiritual atmosphere of the earth and infusing the very dust of the earth itself.


The new light arriving may be invisible to our outer eyes, but it is not invisible to our inner eyes or to our hearts. It is creating a sense that more is possible now, and a longing for what may be. Where there has been repression or oppression, there is an increasing desire among those so oppressed to break free of their chains. Where there has been suffering or cruelty to one or to many, there is a greater desire to eliminate those circumstances which may have caused it. Everywhere, the heart's greater opening is the response to the new light present. It manifests as a deeper concern for others, and also as a deeper desire to help the earth.


In the present time, these movements of collective consciousness are causing more concern and caring for the plight of the earth, her natural habitats, her disappearing species, her ozone depletion, her melting ice caps, and all other imbalances that have been caused by human beings living carelessly upon the face of the planet. Now, carelessness is progressively being replaced by caring. Part of this is caused by the increased recognition that the situation is dire; part is caused by an increased sense of oneness with the earth and responsibility toward her. We are, more and more, becoming willing participants in the life of the planetary body.


Within individual relationships as well, the increased presence of light is creating events and circumstances which are moving these toward an accelerated pace of healing. Sometimes, this involves making fundamental changes to the relationship itself so that a new balance and a healthier way of interacting can be established. Sometimes, it involves letting go of the relationship, when it appears that it cannot readily be reshaped into a form that resonates with the new. When it appears that letting go is needed, there is often a sense of loss, and so one's higher self must sometimes join with the lower to assume direction of the decision-making process so that choices are not based on guilt or fear, but on the reality of what is. 


Children coming into incarnation at this time are often carrying within themselves a greater amount of spiritual light than those of the past. Many are pioneers of the new consciousness and, as such, may manifest very different characteristics for their age than those that have been typical in times past. These 'children of the light' are bringing with them the potential for creating a new future for the earth and a new society for her people, one that is built on the principles of love and cooperation with others, rather than on the pursuit of dominance or power over others. Such children are non-exploitative by nature. They appear to care for the wellbeing of others in ways that seem very grown up, and even at a very young age, may reveal a deep caring about what happens to the earth. These children are here as wayshowers and as pioneers, manifesting the new consciousness of light in their very being.


There are, in addition, many among us today who may not have thought of themselves as particularly spiritually-minded, who are now beginning to feel and sense things that would never have occurred to them before. For example, understanding that all of life is interconnected - not just historically or biologically, but in terms of essence. It is the deeper self as it awakens that begins to communicate this to waking consciousness, so that we begin to feel, even without words, that all of life is vibrating to one 'note' and with one heartbeat. This is not a perception of the mind, but a perception of the intuition and of the heart.


Such an intuition of unity, when held by many, strengthens the desire for peace in the world. It creates a feeling within the heart that war is no longer a viable option – not for any reason. It demands that other ways be found which incorporate a cooperative and non-violent solution to global dilemmas. Such a solution must encompass one's adversaries as well as one's friends, and include a deeper willingness to listen to their points of view, even if, on the surface, they seem opposite to one's own. 


The sense that greater cooperation is needed and that it must occur is part of the peace-making impulse which accommpanies the presence of greater light. Suddenly, new solutions to old problems can be found because there is a greater willingness to seek and to find them. Though this willingness has not yet manifested on the level of relationships between nations today, there are many who are influenced by the peace-making currents of light, who are seeking new ways to express it.


At the foundation of such pursuits is the idea that we, as the earth's inhabitants, are one people within one collective body, moving in a direction that is unknown but that affects every life. This perception grows within human awareness and is opening the doors of the heart to greater love for all beings. It is also changing our view of ourselves and of life, creating a sense of the invisible and greater Life behind the visible. This is the beginning of a fundamental shift into sacred consciousness. It is based on the diminishing of the distance between the spiritual and the physical worlds, and on the perception of unity and oneness that develops as the heart expands in love. 


Such an expanding heart must be taught to believe in itself and to trust its own perceptions. Even when the mind defends the status quo or sends alarm signals that the new is not to be trusted, the heart must turn to its own inner resources and to the inner stream that feeds it. It must reach down to its very roots in order to allow a new ethic and a new perception of hope and possibility to affect all decisions that need to be made. What may have seemed impossible before, now seems possible, and though the mind and its reasoning may not know how the new can replace the old, the heart believes in the invisible and the unforeseen. It believes in the positive movement of life that can be trusted to shape decisions and to allow new outcomes to come into being. This trust in the forward motion and purpose of life is amplified by the energy of light, conveying its message to the deeper heart and soul. It is a fundamental part of the new consciousness arriving. 


Stages of Spiritual History – The Era of Duality

The new energy of light brings with it not just an awareness of unity among people, but among all the inhabitants of the earth, both human and non-human, and between all of the dimensions of spiritual and physical reality. What it replaces is a belief carried throughout most of human history that 'I' am separate from 'you', and that 'spirit' is separate from 'matter'. This belief is the hallmark of the 'era of duality', (3) and it has existed for a very long time within human consciousness. Its presence produces a sense of separation between the spiritual and the physical, and a belief that humanity is essentially alone to face the challenges of life, sustained only by its own resources.


The 'era of duality' did not begin with the beginning of mankind's journey upon the earth, for in the very beginning and before matter became as dense as it is today, the earth and her inhabitants were much closer in consciousness to other dimensions than they are now, and all dimensions had greater reality since multiple levels of communication could take place between them. At this early time in history, the people of the earth were able to view themselves as part matter, part spirit, in a way that permitted continuity in the perception of life and death, and gave meaning to the relationship of each individual soul with the Creator of all.


This perception of oneness has tended, in modern times, to be attributed to a more 'primitive' mentality, one that believed in 'spirits' which inhabited natural forms, and in a spiritual reality which infused the physical. Such thinking, to our modern outlook, has come to seem 'primitive' because of our progressive reliance on the mind and intellect to define reality for us, and on our de-emphasis of the heart and spirit as means for doing so. With growing immersion in the world of reason and of science, it became easy to perceive non-scientific, right-brain thinking as 'primitive', and intuition and other 'mystical' perceptions as part of a former age that human beings had outgrown. It is only now that the swing of the pendulum is being brought into balance, that right-brain and left-brain, intuition and intellect, mind and heart are once again becoming one.


Our progressive separation from the mystical, and even our denial of it, has been both a liability for us and a catalyst for change. On the one hand, it caused mankind to forget a part of itself that is central, and on the other, it allowed humanity to move forward in ways that it could not have, had the mind not been emphasized to such a degree. Though we, as a people, became separated in our awareness from the spiritual world, we developed a mastery of our physical world, and became better able to experience the rich diversity of this world as we became more and more immersed in it. The fact that we paid a high price for this, especially in our relationship with the earth, has only become apparent in recent decades. 


The 'era of duality' also produced losses for the earth itself, which suffered greatly as it became an 'object' within our hands, rather than a Spirit within a sacred relationship. This loss and suffering of the earth grew, even while mankind accomplished much in its ability to build, construct, plan, and advance knowledge in all areas of physical life. Such progress made it possible for life on the human level to be lived in a more comfortable way, with greater security and prosperity, even while the foundation for this security which lay in the earth's ability to sustain life, was being threatened.


Today, the renewed awareness of our core spiritual self and its connection within a greater Whole is awakening again, and the truth of this deeper identity is being carried on the wings of light into the hearts of people everywhere. Even without a defined or conscious spiritual focus, the new perceptions are the tender buds of a new way of life for the world, conveying to hearts that are open, the increasing importance of love and the sacred nature of life. The experience of the miraculous and of Divine grace operating within time and space will emerge out of these tender buds, entering the heart in progressive stages of unfoldment as the veil between dimensions disappears, and as the Divine Presence that infuses all of life begins to be felt once again. When this happens, humanity will once again reach toward the higher dimensions of light and truth, and people will no longer perceive themselves to be the sole inhabitants of an otherwise empty universe. For the transformation of light will awaken perception, and what will be perceived is the presence of God's life everywhere.


Humanity's future

The advent of light is affecting every inhabitant of the planet from every walk of life, whether they are aware of it or not, for there is no one who does not breathe spiritual air, and there is no one who is exempt from the process of spiritual quickening. What an individual chooses to do with the new experiences that may come will always be a matter of choice, however, for each individual's destiny is based on choice and is ultimately in their own hands.


Nevertheless, the effects of light on a societal level will be widespread, allowing for the development of new structures and ways of interacting in relation to global issues, for the expansion of consciousness will make the world seem smaller, and will permit inspiration to create new solutions for old problems. 


Resistance to the expansive properties of awakening will also be present as residual forces of darkness and duality seek to maintain the status quo and to undermine trust in the healing process that light brings. Such resistance may occur on multiple levels, for established ways of doing things seek their own perpetuation, and it requires a new motivation of heart, and a willingness to align with this new motivation, in order that the old join with the new. Only in this way can a new platform for human endeavor be created.


We cannot know what forms humanity will establish to house the new, for the future is only partly written, and the Divine plan for the earth is incomplete without human participation. And yet we may anticipate that the new structures and ways of being will allow all of earth's creatures to be supported and nourished in ways that have not yet become possible. This nurturance of life will become one of the central features of an awakened earth, and it will develop out of the increased heart-opening of all conscious beings as well as out of the increased capacity of all of matter to hold and radiate light. The new union of spirit and matter will therefore take place from the top to the bottom of society, excluding no one and embracing all, and will, at the same time, hold in highest esteem the non-human creatures of the earth as well.


As consciousness changes, love and respect for all of life will become the natural way of being, and the presence of aggression or the desire for conflict will be seen as part of an older way. With light continuously present upon the earth, the earth will become a planet of peace, and a new era of love and compassion will become a long-awaited and manifest reality.


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