the Birth of Light


The Awakening of a Planet

by Julie of Light Omega

Beloved Ones,

"Invisible Sunrise - The Awakening of a Planet" describes the growth within consciousness of the sense of unity with life on all levels and within all dimensions, and illuminates the pathway toward this goal. This pathway is unfolding now within each individual soul affected by the new energy of light on the Earth, and will unfold even further as light advances.  

Such planetary awakening is both personal and collective.  It will overturn the structures of consciousness that determine one's view of reality and the structures of society that are built on these increasingly outmoded structures.  What will be instituted in their place is a new foundation for a new society, a foundation based in love.  Such love will grow not out of personal need or social persuasion, but out of a felt sense that all of life is one and that each individual life is related to every other.  This is the basic tenet of what will be.

The institutions and structures of a society are built upon the needs of individual consciousness to reflect outwardly the values and beliefs that are held inwardly, and so as inner beliefs and perceptions change, there will also be a corresponding need to change the outer reflections of these.   "Invisible Sunrise," however, is more than a visionary forecast of the future of the Earth.  It is a description of what is happening now to each and every inhabitant of the planet, and it articulates a path to be followed in order to move more fully into the new consciousness arising today.  As such, it leads the way through the fears that may arise as one engages with the unfamiliar.  In the presence of such fears, it creates a new foundation for safety among the new beliefs and concepts that will be needed.

This is the road to tomorrow, built out of the movements of today.  It is the pathway of expanding love and unity, the pathway home.

Blessings - Light Omega  

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