Behold a new Earth arising.

The light within each one is being born.



The following Light Omega Blogs created by Julie contain content that in some cases may not be found on the Light Omega website, being more specific and tailored to a different audience.  These articles are of great value and may be looked for by subject using the Light Omega Search feature found at the bottom of many website pages.  The blogs fill a need similar to the one filled by the Light Omega Ezine Reader which also offers information about specific topics. 


Time of Awakening - 2011


Addresses issues and concerns related to personal and planetary awakening and the creation of a new light body.


The Art of Being Present - Experiencing the Divine in the Ordinary - 2008-2009


Awaken to an awareness of love and unity with others and with the Earth and an end to the separation between the physical and the spiritual. 



Essentials of Spiritual Purification - Understanding Life in a Changing World -



Today, spiritual purification is affecting the lives of many. It is both opening the heart to greater love while at the same time bringing to heightened awareness those areas of consciousness in need of healing.





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