Behold a new Earth arising.

The light within each one is being born.


Meditations and Teachings of Julie


The following Light Omega Calendars created by Julie are freely offered* and e-mailed daily by subscription, each having a special place in the overall energy and content that they communicate.  Find the one that you resonate most with and begin there.  You can add a repeat series to each of the Calendars* if you would like to continue beyond the end-date of the first series, and you can unsubscribe at any time.  Each of the Calendars is also available as an e-Book within the Light Omega Bookshop.


Book of Unity - Voice of the Oneness  

A Calendar of daily messages whose purpose is to convey in whatever way is possible through words, the path to Oneness.  The process of ending separated consciousness and living once again as part of a greater whole is a central aspect of what we now call the 'ascension process.'  In this Calendar, the Voice of the One offers insights into how this process may be accelerated and what attitudes and feelings must come into play in order to move most smoothly into unity. This is the Voice of Love, whose purpose is to awaken the Love within you.


Calendar of 100 Days  

This is the first book in the Calendar of Light Trilogy, containing 'seed thoughts' for a daily practice of transforming consciousness into a sacred perspective. This was the first of the Light Omega Calendars and has proven of continued value over the years.  Its perspective is broad and deep, and yet its messages are simple, designed to resonate within the soul.  Daily messages support both a meditative practice that can be done while sitting with each day's message, and the incorporation of sacred awareness into the activities of the day.  The Calendar of 100 Days can be viewed online.  Select messages by subject matter. PDF e-Book


Calendar of Discovery - Awakening to the Divine Self Within

Messages to awaken the deeper identity and to help the self release its fixed attention to thought and feeling as if that were who one was.  This Calendar aims to take one more deeply into the realm of inner being so that a new foundation for identity can be formed.  It brings to life an inner truth that may have lain dormant but can easily be recognized, once its presence is made known.  PDF e-Book.


Calendar of Awakening - The One life in the Many

Seeds of light to further the awakening process and help with the release of old patterns of thought and feeling.  This Calendar is subtitled "the One in the Many" and it contains an invitation to the sacred state of Love and Unity that exists as the inner reality behind one's outer consciousness.  As you move further into the new vibration, fear and anxiety can be replaced by peace and trust and the inner knowing of life beyond the physical.  PDF e-Book


A path of awareness for holding pain and suffering of any kind.  This Calendar is of universal application but is particularly directed toward those experiencing painful circumstances in their lives at present. Guidance offered related to dealing with pain allows consciousness to participate most fully in the innate healing process of body, mind, heart, and spirit as they are illuminated by Divine light.  PDF e-Book.


Emanations of Healing Light

This Calendar's capacity to incorporate light into its messages takes this format to a new level.  Emanations of Healing Light is meant to be sent to loved ones in need of spiritual support or to be used for oneself.  Its multi-media presentation includes recordings by Julie of the daily messages that greatly advance the capacity of the Calendar to hold and transmit light.  PDF e-Book. 


*No repeat series for this Calendar.


Meditations on Hope and Transformation


Heart-centered messages that strengthen hope for those dealing with life changes and challenges in the present.  The same messages also serve the larger purpose of creating a path of transformation that allows identity to become more fluid and flexible.  Such flexibility and fluidity is important at all times, but expecially at times when the unexpected appears.  PDF e-Book.


Meditations on Love, Relationships, and Letting Go

Daily meditations for the heart that is experiencing the loss, transition, or ending of a relationship.  "Meditatons on Love..." is also for all who wish to love more deeply as an expression of the way in which souls are meant to live, with the capacity to love all of life.  PDF e-Book.

Messages contained in "Reflections" are profound and deep, yet simple and easily embraced by the heart.  This Calendar is a little longer with one hundred and eighteen daily Reflections designed to inspire, uplift, inform, and comfort. Reflections of Light is connected with the new Earth emerging and is intended to help shift identity to its new foundation in light. The Reflection of the Day can also be viewed online.  PDF e-Book.


(Calendar of 100 Days) - See description above

This is the first Calendar in the Calendar of Light Trilogy.



Stepping Stones to Awareness - A gift from the great Ocean 

This is the second Calendar in the Calendar of Light Trilogy - a sequel to the Calendar of 100 Days and a preparation for the Calendar of Light. It takes the meditative focus of the Calendar of 100 Days and adds to it suggestions for the practical application of ideas within the activities of one's daiy life. These suggestions are referred to as 'steps,' and each day's 'step' focuses attention on a task that consciousness can undertake even while engaged in other matters. Available only as an e-Book.  PDF e-Book.


Calendar of Light - Transformation into the Light of the Soul 

This is the third Calendar in the Calendar of Light Trilogy and the most comprehensive platform presently available for understanding and embodying the passage of transformation into a being of light. 

Messages depict a new way of life that is based on principles of light and of purification. A variety of spiritual practices and 'awareness tasks' are included which accompany the daily discussions and add to the ease with which they are incorporated into consciousness.  The higher frequencies of light found in the "Calendar of Light" are supported by recorded meditations by Julie that enhance the vibrational potency of the reading.  Available as a program of e-mailed teachings and online seminars regarding transformation and purification into light. 


* This is the only one of the Calendars for which payment is asked since what it offers exceeds the scope of the other Calendars and becomes the foundation for a new way of life. 





Calendar of 100 Days,

Stepping Stones to Awareness,

The Calendar of Light and Seminar Series



Path of Awakening Video Series

Seventy messages for the soul that will enable it to awaken more fully within everyday life, and nourishment for the heart that yearns to open more fully to greater love.  Videos may be viewed intuitively according to individual resonance, or as the Path of Awakening Video Series e-mailed every other day with suggestions for viewing.  This series is offered freely as a gift of love from the One source of life.



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