The birth of a holy planet


with Julie of Light Omega



Dear Beloved One,


The online international groups are extensions of Light Omega for those who cannot attend gatherings at Light Omega personally and who therefore cannot directly benefit from the light that is present.  This light is expanding now upon the Earth, bringing all souls to a deeper sense of who they are.  It is also changing the physical and energetic structure of the Earth itself.  Your own purpose for joining such a group is unique to you.  However, there are some common denominators:

- a desire to know yourself more deeply in relation to your own Divine being

- a desire to participate in your own process of purification of those elements that are not of the light that currently influence your body and consciousness

- a desire to help the Earth in her current transition into a sacred planet of light

Beloved One, these groups are sacred and are entirely in resonance with the sacred purpose of Light Omega.  If you would like to take part, please write to Julie using this link.

Because Light Omega is an integral part of the group, we ask those who take part to help support its work by making a monthly contribution via PayPal's monthly recurrent option* in the amount you feel guided to.  This is not a payment to Julie for her Divine service, but rather a recognition of what you are receiving and a desire to help make that available to others.

We bless your presence on the Earth at this time and thank you for bringing your light, hope, and truth to the planet.

Those Who Serve the Light

*If you are unable to use PayPal, please write to us and we will discuss other means for making a donation.



Online Internaltional Group

1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month - 10-11am (ET)

(Write to for more information)



Photos of Light Omega Center



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