This website was designed with the intention that it offer not only content and information concerning the process of spiritual awakening, but that it also offer a unified vibration of spiritual light that could affect that very awakening and uplift those who shared in its offerings.

In this sense, the website is a microcosm of consciousness, one that offers a broad overview of a changing reality to each one according to where they are in their journey.  Because its purpose is to assist the process of transformation now taking place on the Earth, it has a central focus on the experience of purification which is the name given to the stages of unfoldment by which and through which the Earth is moving into a higher consciousness. The website endeavors not only to offer information about this new reality, but to convey the energy of the new reality itself.


Images on this website are designed to heighten the vibraton of light found in the writings. This is true even more so of the many recordings by Julie which carry a higher vibration of light and which, when listened to receptively, can form the anchorpoint for a meditative experience.


There are several main sections to the site, focusing on different aspects of the newly emerging sacred reality.  Purification, Sacred Relationships, The Birth of a Sacred Planet, Living as a Soul, and A New Consciousness are the main sections which contain most of the writings by Julie.  Another section called Pathways of Light contains information about and links to the Light Omega Calendars which offer distilled spiritual wisdom within a daily e-mailed format.

We hope you will feel nourished by what you find here, and bless your taking part in these offerings in whatever way feels right to you.  Light Omega



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