the awakening of innocence


by Julie of Light Omega

Beloved Ones,

"Living As A Soul" embraces all that can be embraced regarding a sacred life on Earth.  It discusses the many facets of the expression of soul-awareness as they impinge upon and affect one's daily life.  These aspects of soul-consciousness come easily to some, but arrive with more difficulty for others where attachment to the needs of the ego-self still play an important part in shaping life.  Nevertheless, even for those who have fears of letting go into the unknown and unfamiliar, the currents of new life that are awakening within each heart will show the way past all fears and hesitations, to the foundation of a new way of life.  This is the way instituted by alignment with the values of one's soul, the wisdom of one's soul, the love of one's soul.

In the process of expanding in this way, there are challenges to be met on both a personal and a societal level, challenges that are based on the entrenched interests of the ego as well as fears generated by energies that would limit the expansion of soul-awareness, and these challenges of opposition must be overcome if society as a whole is to emerge into a new way of life.  Yet, the knowledge that light is stronger than darkness can uphold all who seek to live as souls upon the Earth, and such knowledge, fortified by experience, is now available to all who seek it, for the light itself is the teacher and it is already lifting the entire planetary body into a new way of thinking and feeling.

For this transition to become completed, however, more than a partial alignment with the soul is needed.  What is needed is the full commitment of the heart to a way of life and a way of thinking that will finally bring peace, love, and hope to the world and to oneself.  Without this commitment, the entrenched interests of the forces of separation will take longer to dissipate, though in the end, they will dissipate in the light of the holy.

Your own involvement with this transition is greatly needed in this moment and in all moments, for the life of the Earth is shaped by the life and values of each individual, and reciprocally, the life of each individual is shaped by the life of the Earth.  Therefore, never think that what you do, think, or feel is unimportant, for the future of the Earth and the ease of the planetary transition that is already underway is a reflection of the power of expression and of love that is fostered by each individual's commitment to the goal of manifesting this, and by each individual's willingness to remain dis-identified with all sources of fear that may arise.

This is the time of the emergence of the soul, and it is happening now to all, however visible or invisible it may appear.  May all power of light be given to those who seek to advance the cause of the Earth's transition and of God's holy plan for the illumination and awakening of an entire planet.  This planetary shift will take consciousness from duality to unity, from separation to oneness, and from fear to love.  Blessings and gratitude to all who seek to serve in this holy way.

Blessings - Light Omega  

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