Discovering the Source of hope within


Daily Meditations for the Heart

The experience of hope is intrinsic to the soul but often

difficult for the human heart. In times of difficulty

seek the hope of your inner being.  It is there.

Dear Beloved Ones,

Welcome to Meditations on Hope and Transformation, offering seed-thoughts for heart and mind to help with the challenges of life where hope needs to be strengthened and the life of the inner being reinforced.  The Calendar also suggests a way of experiencing life in which the Unknown can be embraced without fear.

This twofold purpose addresses the needs of those who are having difficulty finding hope at this time due to personal circumstances.  Yet, it places this need within the larger picture of how human beings are meant to live.

Many of the meditations have to do with the nature of beliefs that are held and how to let them go.  Often, this is difficult because letting go of long-standing beliefs and identifications removes us from our ‘comfort-zone.’  However, all transformation involves letting go, and so those who seek growth and healing must allow themselves to be reshaped from within. 

Meditations on Hope and Transformation will come to you daily for one hundred and twelve days and it is recommended that you spend some time each day sitting with the seed thought for that day.  Also recommended as an accompaniment to this Calendar are the specific practices that are suggested periodically following the daily message.   These practices help to create a bridge between the heart's understanding and the capacity to apply it in daily life. 

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Blessings, beloved ones.  May this Calendar bring a new strength of hope and love to your hearts in keeping with the understanding that in the presence of any difficulty, your own inner being aligned with God will find the way through. 

Julie of Light Omega


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