Path of Awakening videos are grouped within the following sections. Videos may be viewed sequentially or selected according to one's inner sense of guidance. If you wish to receive this series by e-mail, please use the form on the sign up page.


Links below will take you to the video text and the YouTube link.  You may also view each video on the Light Omega YouTube Channel within the 'Path of Awakeing Videos' playlist.  (If video text is blurred, under "Settings"/ Quality choose 720p HD). 



1. Awakening of the Soul - Selected Paintings by Nicholas Roerich

2. Awakening to Life

3. Celebration of Life

4. Everyday Jewels - The Divine in the Ordinary

5. Flow

6. Heartbeat

7. Journey Home, The

8. Tender Heart of Life

9. Wake Up



10. Becoming One - ('Into the Wind' - Miten)

11. Doors of Light

12. Finding Your Deepest Heart

13. I Am All

14. Open Path, The

15. Open Door, The

16. Planetary Shift - You Are Everything, The

17. Sacred Relationships I - Loving Others

18. Sanctify

19. Soul Love and the Relationship of Souls

20. Surrender

21. Way of Love, The



22. Aakhan Jor - The Great Surrender

23. An End to Clinging

24. Being in Relationship - A New Paradigm (podcast)

25. Coming Age of Light, The

26. Flame of Hope - A Meditation

27. Flying in the Open Sky

28. From Anger to Love

29. Holdout Places of the Heart

30. Hope

31. Innocence and Action - The Fear of 'Not Doing' (podcast)

32. Journey to Love

33. Letting Go of Roles - The Joining of Love and Truth

34. Ocean of Love

     Portuguese version - Oceano de Amor

35. Practice of Alignment, The

     French version - La Pratique de l'Alignement

     German version - Die Praxis der Ausrichtung

     Portuguese version - A Pratica de Alinhamento

36. Sacred Relationships II - The Foundation of Wholeness

37. Soul Prayer

38. Waiting In Trust



39. Devi Prayer - Hymn to the Divine Mother

40. Earth Habitat - the body of the Mother

41. Gayatri Mantra - For All People

42. Hymn to the Earth

43. I Am the dust of the Earth

44. I Am With You - Message from the One

45. In the Presence of Eternity

46. Light of the Eternal

47. Light of the Presence - God the Mother

48. Mystery of the Divine Father-Mother God

49. Om Ama Rani Mantra from 'Mantras of Tibet'

50. Om Namo Bhagavate

51. Sea, The

52. Tumi Bhaja re Mana Mantra

53. Word That Is One, The

54. Yemaya Assessu - Where the River Joins the Sea



55. A New America - The Return of the Sacred

56. A New Earth

57. A Time of Hope

58. Creating a New Earth

59. Dawn of Creation

60. Days of Creation

61. Galactic Celebration - (Love is All)

62. Haiti Rising

63. We Are One - 'Ave Maria' by Connie Talbot)

64. Planetary Ascension - The Birth of the Sacred

65. Planetary Ascension - II. The Renewal of the Earth

66. Planetary Ascension - III. God's Time

67. Prayer

68. Revelation

69. Voice of the One Heart

70. Gift of the Holy, The


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