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The Earth that we share is sacred.

It is alive.  It is aware. 

It contains a heart that feels.

The light of God has come to the Earth.

It lives within it now, illuminating and nourishing it.

The light of God is now the light of the Earth.

It is brightening all of life. 

It is awakening the consciousness of all.

The plants are becoming more responsive and aware.

The trees are sending forth love.

Even the sedentary rocks are vibrating differently with

a heart illuminated by love.

Life is being awakened by light.

The Earth’s body is becoming more radiant.

Those who have eyes to see will see.

Holy light radiates from the leaves of the trees,

from the dust of the ground,

from the air that you breathe.

The Earth has awaited this time from the beginning –

has awaited being in right relationship with all that is.

Now it becomes possible, because light is infusing even the smallest particles of dust.

It is infusing everything you see.

Nevertheless, humanity must play its part.

It must awaken to the sacred.

It is not just a matter of knowing this with the mind.

It is a matter of feeling this with the heart, feeling

that the Earth is part of you and you of Her.

Divine Earth, the body of the Mother.

Who can say what changes will come from this knowing?

Changes upon changes, built upon the foundation of


A new way of being shall be born from this foundation,

a new way of loving.

For what you give to the Earth you give to yourself,

And what you give to life gets repaid one hundredfold.

This is the generosity of divine Love.

It desires to heap abundance upon all, to give to all,

to create conditions under which all can thrive.

Do not think that you do not know how to love this much, or that you are too small for such a vast love.

For you are being called to it, and it

already lives inside you.

You are being called to live in sacredness, and the time is now.

ed it.



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