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Now is the dawn ascending.

Now is the sun rising.

The new Earth is arriving into each open heart.

She is embracing the sun.

Can you not see it?  Can you not feel it?

There is a new breath that you breathe and it is infusing you with new life as you release the old.

I, who am the beginning and end of all rising and falling,

I, who am the passage time itself,

tell you that the new day of life is here,

and all who draw breath shall feel it.

Majesty upon majesty, glory upon glory,

the Presence of the Divine is radiating upon the Earth and from

within the Earth.

All are breathing new light.

All are breathing new life.

You may feel that you are alone with your present troubles.

You may feel that no one knows the difficulties you face.

Yet, I know you.

I know your heart.

I am part of you and I am with you.

Ever shall this be - I am part of you and I am with you.

Long have you traveled in seeming aloneness, in seeming solitariness, hearing the sound of your own footsteps.

Now all shall know that I Am.

I am that which is everywhere and is in you as well.

Hallowed be the ground that you walk upon.

Hallowed be the air that you breathe.

Hallowed be the food you eat and the place upon which you rest your head.

All of Creation shall know that all is holy.

All shall know that I Am.

I Am.

This is a knowing that reaches out now to touch every part of the self that has wandered for so very long.

It is the knowing of home.


Give not your thoughts to what cannot be yet.

Give not your thoughts to limitation.

Think, instead, of the majesty of what is arriving and is to come.

Think of the bursting forth of life that is here and is everywhere.

All around you, life is bursting with new life.

In the midst of this a new you is being born,

filled with light, filled with the holiness of Creation.

All shall be well.  Do not fear.  All shall be well.

For I Am and shall always be with you.

I Am and shall never leave you.

I Am.

Holy, holy, holy, One.

Be at peace.

Be at peace for a new world is beginning.

And this world shall include all that your heart has been waiting for, all that your heart has hoped for.

It is not a world of sorrow, but a world of joy,

and in it love shall reign supreme,

and the darkness that has colored so much of life shalll be no more.

Welcome this world into your heart.

Do not think of it as a dream.

For the dreams of today shall become the realities of tomorrow, and what you wish for shall be created.

Now, rest and wait in patience,

for the time of trouble is not yet ended but the sun is on the horizon, indeed is already rising, and all shall be as has been ordained.

A new life in God and for each embodied soul is here.

Pray for its more complete manifestation.

Pray for all to see it and feel it.

And know in your heart that what you pray for has already been established in God's heart,

and shall come to pass.



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