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Who can know what the animals feel and suffer at the hands of an indifferent humanity?

The creation of animals is of a different nature than that of humans, yet all are descended from the same Source.  All are descended from the same Divine blueprint.

Such knowledge is given to the few who feel the spirit indwelling within the outer form of animal awareness...

...who know that the life of the soul exists within these forms in full measure, growing, developing, learning, experiencing, sensing, feeling.

There have been no mistakes in Creation, no faulty evolutionary pattern, only the misjudgments and misinterpretations made by  human beings in their interpretation of the world around them.

Such awareness separated the awareness of non-human forms of life from the sacred, from the holy.  It denied those who inhabited these forms the full measure of conscious respect that was their due.

Such is the old world that is passing.

The new world that is arriving gives to each created being the attribute of respect for consciousness and for existence.

It accords to each life-form the love with which it was created, indeed, the love that was its reason for creation.

The world is inhabited by many beings of different forms and levels of awareness, yet all lare holy, all are sacred.

All ask to be recognized.

The evolutionary pattern to which the animal kingdom belongs is of utmost importance to the full health and wellbeing of the body of the Earth.

Therefore, species cannot just become extinct as if it did not matter to the welfare of the whole.  It does.

It matters when any species becomes extinct, no matter how rare it might be.

It matters when any species is compelled to change its habitat because its natural habitat has become inhospitable.

It matters.

These ways of perceiving the world are not just about changing environmental policy.  They are about recognizing your oneness with all of life, with that beyond the human as well as within the human.

Such recognition has an effect not only on actions of governments.  It has an effect on the spiritual atmosphere of the Earth itself, which begins to meld together all diverse forms of life into the higher vibration of love and unity.

This vibrational unity is as important as the vibrational concerns that many hold today.  It is the basis for peace on Earth.

May this unity become part of every consciousness.

May it be held as dearly as one holds one's own children.

May it become the banner and cornerstone of a new Earth.

Holy art thou, and holy is all that thou seest and all that thou touchest, from now till forevermore.



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