(Into the Wind)

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The sea is teeming with life that is interdependent.

The forests shelter countless species that live

in harmony among the trees.

All creatures rely on each other and are part

of the Oneness.

Yet human beings have often felt alone and separate,

bounded by the skin that covers their body.

This boundary is an illusion.

Energy passes through it.

Thoughts pass through it.

The life of the world passes through it.

Now the illusion is giving way.

It is giving way before a knowing that emanates

from the heart.

We are not alone.

We are connected by love to the rest of life.

For some, separation has meant protection, safety,


Now control must be let go of in favor of love,

in favor of truth, in favor of life.

We must learn to trust love.

Love is not just a feeling.

It is the spiritual truth in which we live.

How do we learn to trust love?

This is the question for our time,

the question that must be answered to create

a new world.

We are being called to this vision of a new and

sacred world, founded in love.

To get there, we must let go of fear and embrace love.

We must trust the Divine within us and within life.

We are not alone.

We are part of one family, one consciousness, one

collective life.

There is no one who is not part of this.

Fear has kept us from knowing this.

Because of fear, we could not believe in a world

in which all could be recognized as children

of the Divine.

We belived it was impossible,

and believing it impossible,

we relied on force, power, and competition to gain

an advantage.

Now, it is time to reclaim the truth of our heart -

to reclaim the truth of love's presence.

The struggle is with ourselves, against our own

doubt and fear.

This is the mountain we climb.

We must turn to the Divine Source within ourselves

to know how to stand in relation to fear.

This Source can show the way.

It can point to the direction that must be taken.

We are not alone.

A new reality is being born.

The reality of One.

The reality of Love.

the reality of Trust.

Throughout the universes,

we are many and we are One.

We have come from love and are returning to love.

It is time.



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