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All that you see is a miracle.  All that you know is a miracle.

From the beginning of time, the miraculous has been a part of everyday life.  It is a matter of looking.  It is a matter of feeling.

Listen!  Can you not hear the angels singing in praise of God? You may join your voice to theirs in holy chorus.

Give thanks!  Give thanks!  For the wonder of life is all around you.  You may wonder about the pain that you still feel.  Yet, in the midst of pain, the miraculous is still real.

Pain does not destroy the miraculous.  It covers it.

In the presence of pain, look around you.  God's world is still there.

Pain is a teacher, and what it teaches resonates with the soul in its desire to become embodied, in its desire to manifest.

There are many who wonder why pain is necessary in order to learn.  The reason has to do with separation from truth and from God.

The return to truth must happen of its own accord.  It must happen through new learning.  Pain brings about new learning of a potent kind.

Such is the nature of manifestation - the coming into being of that which serves the highest and truest.

All forces and events move one toward manifestation.  Pain, in its potency, often moves one further than other aspects of learning.

Life must be celebrated in the midst of pain, in the midst of joy, in the midst of the feeling of emptiness.  For it is, at all times, sacred and holy, given by a Divine hand and heart that seeks to share the good.

When life is celebrated in the midst of pain, it is an affirmation of trust in the Divine, it is an affirmation of belief in the goodness of God.

Such trust brings forth the good.

It dispels darkness.

It creates a new reality.

It is not enough to bargain with God in the midst of pain.  It is necessary to celebrate the Divine truth of one's being, to honor the Divine nature of all of life, no matter what it brings.

Harken!  Harken! to this truth.  It is of the One reality that infuses all that happens, bringing all into greater wholeness, beauty, love.

The pain of this moment is a part of that.  It is not all of that but it is a part of it.

Do not turn away and refuse to celebrate and honor the Divine because you are in pain. 

Bring your pain to God and let God's healing love embrace it and hold it with you.

This is the way in which a new world is created - through trust, through love.

All that has been is disappearing into all that will be.

The future is emerging out of the present, and in this future, pain will have a different part to play.

Instead of pain will be the learning through joyful surrender.

Harken!  Harken!  The voices of the angels are surrounding you even in this moment, singing praises to God.

Can you hear them?

Can you feel the source of their praise?

May the light of the oneness bring joy to you in this moment and time, no matter what pain you may be carrying.

All that has been is being made new.

All that has sighed with longing is coming into being.

All is being made whole.

May the light of the oneness make your heart light.



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