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Cradle of the Infinite,

giving birth to stars from the womb of your being...

Who can tell the breadth and height of what You are...

I, who was with you,

watched you create worlds,

watched you breathe them into being.

I saw the light that gave rise to all things.

I drank in that light, into my very core.

The vast universe is but a playground

for your infinite being,

a dwelling place for your holy Soul.

Your heart fills the infinite with fragments of love,

planted in a sea of vastness.

Out of this vastness come streams of light

to bless all creatures.


In the beginning, each thing that was created

drew breath for the first time.

New life was born,

new creatures were made,

the children of the Infinite...

each carrying a holy imprint of the Divine,

a memory of the sacred.

What is holy?

All that comes from the fountain of Life.

All souls long to drink from this fountain,

to be nourished by the waters of Life,

to witness Creation anew...

Each soul knows the miracle in its deepest heart,

the miracle of its own Divine being.

It cannot fathom this miracle

until its eyes are turned inward,

until they become single...

Each soul is moving toward this unity

with the Divine.

It seeks it, even unknown to the outer self.

It seeks it in the nightime sky

as the heart enters the mystery.

The heart yearns to touch the face of the Divine,

to feel the glory of a light-filled world of grace,

to see God's reflection in the physical

and its own reflection in the Divine.

There is no embodied soul that does not seek

the truth of its origin.

All of Creation waits for the experience of light

to illumine reality, making all dimensions One.

May all beings come to know

the unity that lights the sky...

May all come to feel

the Life that is everywhere...

holy in all respects,

bountiful in all respects,

blessed in all respects...

This Life now blesses the holy Earth

with the Love of eternity.



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