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These are the days of Creation, the beginning of the new, the holy manifestation of what has been foretold.

Now the light unfolds, the light of the Oneness, the truth of love.

All who are here are being changed in mind and body into something they have never been before, into the holy light of the One.

There is no one who is excluded, for all have chosen to be here at this time of Divine prophesy, and each soul is increasingly taking charge of its vessel of embodiment.

This is not something to be feared, but to be rejoiced in, for the soul is increasingly guiding every movement, allowing the path to open toward the greatest healing.

The holy light of God is moving through each soul.  Thus, each is being led toward their own Divine heritage and core, toward the pure divine Creation that is the original design and blueprint.

There will be some who do not understand.

There will be some who are afraid.

Yet these, too, will be shown the way through the light that shall accompany them.

All who seek comfort shall be comforted in the light of the soul.

All who seek knowledge, shall come to know themselves.

All who seek reassurance will find their hearts opening to truth and the voice of their soul speaking.

These are the days of Creation, the beginning of the new,

the miracle of birth, the time of light and of revelation.

The Earth gives back what has been given and returns to the sacred foundation that lives within her core.

The prophesies of yesterday are the truths of today,

not of a world ending but of a world beginning, the world of the One.

Those who seek to join this world will find their place already laid out, for all are welcome, all are needed to create this new and sacred life.

Days of Creation, the glory of the One manifesting on the Earth for all to see, bringing blessings for the vast realms of life, both known and unknown.

The universe itself is being changed.

The balance of cosmic forces, of light and darkness, is shifting forever.

Within this new Creation, love is the primary principle.  Love binds all together in a universal harmonic of great beauty and healing.

Love joins the human and the Divine in a new creation of oneness.

Love penetrates all obstacles that stand in its way and brings them into new light and beauty.

Love shines through the highest and the lowest for all are being joined in a new unity of One.

What has been hidden in fear and darkness is now brought to the light of day, to be redeemed, to be made whole, to be brought into the circle of love.

Thus, does a new Creation come into being, ordained before the beginning of time, consecrated by the holy heart of the One.

Therefore, celebrate and rejoice, for the days of Creation are here, and all is being made new.

Sancti, sancti, sancti.

Bless and sanctify the life that has been given.



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