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Open the doors to the unknown and walk through them.

   for what has not been possible before is coming into being.

Say "yes" to the opportunities that life presents,

   for you are being led, now, on a vast and glorious journey.

This journey is one of the heart and of the hidden

   landscape that exists within you.


This landscape is mysterious and unknown,

   with messages that flow into your awareness about

   the path to follow, the direction to choose.

Such choices belong to your divine Essence,

   they flow from your soul.

They reveal to you what has always been true

   in your soul from the time of your creation until now.

You are beautiful.  You are whole.

Within your being is a blueprint for a way of life that is

   yours to follow,

   a way completely in harmony with the desires

   of your soul and in harmony with all others.

Streams of light flow from this creative Essence to your

   conscious awareness.

They reveal a way of being that your heart has longed for.

Your sleeping self has not always known how to be true

   to this Essence.

It has not always known how to hear the language of

   the soul.

Yet, now, the Divine within you is claiming its place

   within your heart.

It is claiming its place within your life.

This Divine is You and yet it is also all-that-is,

   a holographic portion of what cannot be separated

   from Itself.

This portion is your part of the holy.  It can be found

   by living the truth of who you are.

It can be increased by nurturing the Divine flame

   within your heart.

Close your eyes and go inside to the place that is

   your native land, your spiritual home, your most

   purely peaceful place of being.

You may think this place does not exist within you,

   yet it is always there. 

Honoring the truth within you is the meaning of self-love.

Honoring the love within you is acknowledging the gift

   of the Holy.

The voice of your inner being may be but a whisper,

   yet all that is needed is the willingness to listen...

   the willingness to hear.

Honoring truth will set you free.

It will bring you to the transcendent present where

   all is open, all is possibility.

Such freedom is the reason you have incarnated on this

   magnificent Earth.  It is the reason all are here,

The freedom-to-be is as essential to your inner being

   as breathing is to your outer.

It is what God has intended for you and for your soul.

When you act from your deepest truth, God expresses

   through you. 

Your own truth joins with all others to form a sacred whole.

Thus, is a new world created, not through loud words

   or weapons, but through the willingness to live

   the truth of one's deepest being.

This truth calls you now to the doors that are opening

   within you.

It calls with the voice of love, saying:

"Here, beloved, is the path you have left behind,

   the path of rejoicing. 

You are home."



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