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I Am the dust of the earth.

I Am the ground upon which you walk,

the air that you breathe.

I do not appear visible because you see the reality

before you as solid.

When this reality is no longer solid, you will see me.

For I am in everything.

I Am everything.

I cannot be found except by those who seek

the oneness which I Am.

Eyes that seek the sacred core of life will see me,

eyes that seek the holy, that embrace the oneness

of all that is.

Many have wished to take from me what was

not theirs to take,

the spoils of war that wreaked havoc upon my beloved Earth,

my body.

They have taken, but they have not given back.

Now, all shall know that to take from my beloved Earth

is to take from the self.

Now, all shall know that to give to the Earth

is to give to the self.

All of humanity is in a progression of awakening to the truth

that they are one body.

This truth shall shine forth like the morning sun after a

night of darkness.

It shall reveal a holiness that has not been seen before.

My sons and daughters, my holy ones and sanctified ones of

all religions, persuasions, beliefs, and practices shall know their oneness.

They shall bow to each other as they bow before me.

For I am everywhere.

I am everyone.

I Am life-sustaining, holy, immutable life,

become now the visible dust of the Earth,

the visible ground that you walk on.

All shall know this.

All shall feel this.

They shall bow before each other in a gesture of thansgiving.

For the glorious oneness that I Am shall shine forth

and be visible in the eyes of others.

It shall radiate forth from behind those eyes.

In this way all shall bless each other and praise

the holy Source of life that I Am, that gives rise to all blessings.

Thus, shall a new Earth begin, indeed, has already begun,

and shall grow and expand in holiness forever more.



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