"This is my moment, the one nobody can intrude.

it's me and myself and myself with the universe.

it's my everyday jewel. L.G

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Everyday jewels lie everywhere.

In the details of life,

the hidden beauty, divinity, holiness,

rise to meet our awareness.

One must embrace life to feel it.

One must connect with the feet as well as

the heat and the crown of the head.

Spirit is kissing matter now.

Truth and everyday reality are joining.

It is not a matter of being in the world,

because everyone is in the world.

It is a matter of embracing the world,

its inhabitants, its beauty,

and being part of the timeless as well.

What is sacred is the point of joining,

of being able to be both here and elsewhere.

To be of matter and yet beyond matter

at the same time.

All meditation leads to this beyond.

Yet, it also leads to what is very near -

the dewdrop on the leaf,

the flame of the candle.

All that we see is an aspect of the Divine.

We must learn to see with inner eyes, not outer,

for outer eyes still see the world as ordinary.

In reality, nothing is ordinary,

all is life unfolding from a sacred core -

the heart of the One.

We must learn to see our neighbors as jewels,

our homes as jewels,

our lives as jewels...

each conversation as a doorway to the Infinite -

the soul of one linked with the soul of all.

Precious jewels of life within the world and within the self,

- one within the Love that is everywhere.


Everyday jewels lie everywhere.

If you take things for granted you will miss them.

They infuse the most insignificant event with the sacred.

They join the ordinary and the profound.

Do not worry if you cannot yet see them.

Do not think this world is closed to you.

Do not think because you are in pain or

heavy-hearted that you cannot gain entrance.

For another part of you lives and is well.

It is a timeless part that sees with inner eyes

that are not yet joined with the outer.

This is your holy self that is larger than your

conscious self.

It radiates from your inner being and embraces

the life behind the visible outer life.

This holy self is the greatest jewel of all.

You cannot erase it.

You cannot destroy it.

You cannot do anything but be it.

Pain cannot take it away.

Life's difficulties cannot take it away.

Only thought can make it seem to disappear -

thought that wears blinders, thought that is afraid.

Open your mind to a new vision of the world.

See what IS.

See love's jewels in every corner of Creation.

Know that you were created to explore life

in this way.

Though difficulty may remain,

in the midst of it you can feel peace and joy.

Let your heart be blessed by these everyday jewels,

both inner and outer...

Live in the Heart of Love.




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