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Where is you deepest heart?

Look inside, beloved, and you will see it there.

It is that which is most beautiful about you.

You may feel that your heart is for this person,

or that memory, or the ones you have brought forth

into the world…

…and it is…

But even deeper than that is the Source of Love within you

from which all individual loves come.

You may not have felt this place in you.

You may feel that it is far away.

Yet behind anything you deeply care for

is the Source of Love.

Some have called it your deeper self, your higher self,

your Christ self.

It does not depend on anything outside of you.

It is YOU at your deepest core.

You may feel yourself to be too small for a love so large.

This is not true.

Small is a matter of self-perception. 

It is not the truth of your being.

When the heart awakens,

there is no such thing as ‘small.’

There is only life responding to life –

fully present, fully alive, fully loving.

How does the heart awaken?

It is happening now, beloved.  The light of your

Divine Heart is calling you to itself.

It is calling from within you because it is part of you.

Your Divine heart is as much a part of you as

your human heart.

The path to the awakened heart is simple to say but often

difficult to follow.

Take the time to value love above all else.

Value it above all the other things you do in your day.

Value it above being busy, and above money, success,

and any other material thing that may attract you.

When you do this, your Divine Heart

will begin to sing in you.

Your days will be joyful in love. 

Your heart will sing.

Give yourself to love, beloved, and let yourself be free.

When you do so, you will become who you truly are… 

Your love will become what it truly is…

and your deepest Heart will be found.



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