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Human beings are meant to live in a Divine flow,

a state of grace that contains no fear,

for fear is part of the old way, and the new way

is that of oneness.

This 'flow' is based on a new reality -

that of the Source of life present within all things,

making all things trustworthy as part of the One.

This Source exists within physical life.

It shapes the passage of time and allows us to

relate to this passage through the choices we make.

Awareness of 'flow' conveys safety, security.

All is an expression of the Divine.

All unfolds in sacredness.

'Flow' is freedom.

It is the tuning of the human experience to the

Divine harmonic.

This harmonic moves through all events,

evoking responses and creating themes in the

everchanging landscape of what is.

'Flow' is the Divine Mother.

Her dance is holy.  It is Life.

Within Her bounty, the small self is no longer preoccupied,

but can swim and play in the festival of life.

'Flow' is infinite, moving us in ever ascending spirals

toward greater heights of spiritual truth and love.

This upward movement is everpresent.

It moves through time, creating the motion of ascension.

To experience this movement, all that is needed is

to be present.

All that is needed is to trust, for all that is serves

the purposes of love.

Do not be afraid of surrender, for the arms of the Divine

already embrace you with love.

Join the great Ocean and let it carry you...

Be present in the present and see the holy

revealing its face to the world.

Walk gracefully...

Let your heart be at peace...




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