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Each heart wants to fly in the open sky,

above care and confusion,

above all that weighs it down.

It wants to feel limitless and flowing with wings of light, completely at home.

Instead, the heart often feels its own heaviness

when it ponders the difficulties of life. 

It feels bound by things it cannot change.

Then it looks for release anywhere. 

Yet it often does not look for its own love to set it free.

It thinks that love must come from outside,

but it can come from inside, for God has planted it there.

The freedom of the sky lives within the human heart

that experiences its own love and feels nourished by it.

This love makes the heart weightless.  It gives it wings.

The heart that has wings is free. 

It is unburdened.

In the presence of difficulties, it remains one with love.

Human beings have dreams of flying because they

remind one of how it feels to be free,

how it feels to be limitless.

What is needed is the willingness to embrace love

completely, tenderly, confidently. 

To feel the universe of love that lives within.

You do not need to leave the Earth in order to fly.

You need only discover what you are really made of -

Light and earth - the substance of Creation.

This must be discovered.

This must be remembered.

Freedom lies in this remembrance, this re-joining.

Knowing that one is part of a vast universe of love

in the way that a droplet is part of the sea it comes from.

At times, pain and worry create the illusion

there is no other reality, that this is all there is.

It is then that love's promise of weightlessness

must be remembered.

This is not foolishness, but the foundation

upon which to build a life.

Within that life, love's presence illuminates all.

The heart united with its own love is free to roam

the universe that is given as gift. 

For the light of the flame of love lifts one into all dimensions and universes.

This candle is always lit.  It never goes out.



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