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There is a way to peace and love but one has to want

to get there.

One has to want to let go of all that stands in the way

of love and this is not always easy to do.

We hold onto anger because it seems better than the

alternative.  What is the alternative?

A feeling of being helpless and unprotected.

A feeling of vulnerability.

Human beings are afraid to feel helpless.

They are afraid they will be hurt or taken advantage of

and so believe it is better to be angry.

This is the great illusion of separated consciousness -

that one is fundamentally alone and unprotected.

It is not true but has felt ture.

And so mankind has protected itself in the only way

it knew how.

It is a big step to give up the sense of power that comes

from being angry so that love may blossom...

It is a very big step.

Not everyone is ready to do this.

Not everyone is willing to do this.

And yet anger never breeds anything except anger.

It never brings one more love, more peace,

or more happiness in life.

Why do people hold on then?  Only because of safety.

Only because it seems to be a way to protect oneself.

There is another way through anger and it is not the way

of self-protection, the way of defenses and walls.

It is through allowing God's gentleness to enter the picture -

to enter the heart and create safety through the

establishment of love.

This does not always feel possible to the angry heart.

This does not always feel possible to the hurth heart.

One who has been angry for a long time often does not

know how to trust the Divine.

Yet, in the absence of complete trust it is still possible

to choose love.

In this way does the heart learn about real power - the

power that comes through joining with love.

The world knows much about the power of anger and

distrust and much less about the power of love.

It is time to learn this new way of being for one's own sake and

for the sake of the Earth.

In place of anger, one can choose love again and again.

Are you ready, beloved one, to choose love?

Your deepest heart holds the answer to this question

which lies in the domain of the soul.

This deepest heart can say "yes" because it knows

the safety of love,

the beauty of love,

the truth of love.

It knows that love is the great gift we give to each other

and to life.

Your deepest heart is the seat of your soul.

The dwelling place of love.

Let it bless you with new life.



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