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The gift of the holy resides within each heart, listening, waiting to be released into the air of everyday life.

Such a gift cannot be measured in terms of its outer value, for its price lies within the depths of the soul, and its measure is infinite.

Holiness is not something that the outer mind can fathom, nor is it something that the heart that has left its roots can know.

It is embedded in the sanctity of life that is known only to the soul, and the soul whispers its message to the waiting heart, conveying truth, conveying beauty.

All that has come into being is a manifestation of holiness, all is given by the divine Hand of the Creator.

This, then, is the new reality that the heart that has become separated from its roots must learn, namely, that all must be sanctified because all is holy.

No longer shall life be separated into work and play, into church-going and ordinary awareness.

In the immediacy of the moment, all shall be placed before the altar of one's heart, to be embraced there, to be worshipped there.

The gift of the holy is the wonder of life lived in the moment, not the impulse of the smaller self, but the Divine impulse of the larger self, reaching, always reaching to extend love.

Who is it that knows what holiness is about?

Who has taken its measure.

It is you, for you have never left that.

Your life, past, present, and future, is built on the dust of the stars and the light of the morning.

It is altogether holy and shall remain so forevermore.

Think not, then, that you must do something to reclaim the gift of holiness.  No, not do, but feel and know that the gift of holiness is already yours.  It has never left you.

The times of the heart are the container for its presence,

the yearnings of the heart are the direction of its flow.

The song of the heart as it sings to the beauties of nature, as it gives itself in love, as it treads the ground of ordinary life - these are the things of holiness to be reclaimed.

For all who seek the One true reality, for all who seek to immerse themselves in the life of love, for these, holiness shall manifest as the sun in the morning.

It shall shine like the sun of a new day, broadcasting its rays into every corner of life.

It will be as if it had always been this way, for in truth, it always has.  And the moments of separation will have disappeared like the mist as the sun rises.

Preserve this gift.  Cherish it. It is the life of your life and the thought of your thought that gives you this precious gift.

For all time, from now unto forever, this gift is yours to keep,

and it will keep you in the arms of the Beloved,

... in the arms of the One whom you have never left.



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