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Out of sorrow, beauty can be born.

Out of heartache, love can blossom.

Out of pain can come strength and the

courage to endure.

Out of loss can come compassion for all who have

lost anything, anywhere.

We are one world.

When one heart breaks, a piece is taken from our

own heart as well.

In the presence of tears, we may grow, make vows,

become bolder.

We say: What could we have done to help better?

Not just now...before now.

We can build better houses that stand stronger.

We can remember those who live in quiet despair.

We can take the poor to be our own.

We can learn to take better care of each other.

We can build better visions, not only of the possible

but of the impossible.

For the impossible becomes possible when we

believe in it.

We can allow our sadness to be a bridge to the future -

the impossible future that we know is there.

We are Haiti rising.

We are the world rising.

We are the wounded, and the fallen, and the broken-hearted,

and the lost, and the bereft, and the grieving,

and the hungry.

We are one world.



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