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The heartbeat of the world beats on,

ceaselessly, endlessly,

calling, calling its Divine love...

It is God's heart and the inner heart of all that is,

singing its Divine music to the spheres.

Arise, soul, dance and sing,

give joyous response to the Creator of al that is,

for the time of darkness is vanishing as a cloud,

and a new fragrance is upon the land.

All of life is rejoicing, all of life is glad,

for new hope has arisen, new life is born.

Free yourself of the garments of sadness

and don the new clothing of the soul.

Dance, sing, move, rejoice,

for the shadows are fleeing before you.

The time of the turtledove and of the lark are here,

and the heart of the world can be heard.

Each heart leans toward its own center to hear

the heartbeat of the world.

Each finds its own rhythm and beauty to reflect

to all of life.

The heart sings for nameless reasons, even while the

outer self may still long for greater ease.

It sings because it feels the Divine heartbeat

within its own,

and knows it is held within the arms of purest love.

Sighing in the treetops is becoming a whisper,

the land is brightened by a warming sun.

Those who wait, wait with a sense of renewal,

feeling the deeper truth held within the Heart of Life.

Arise, soul, and be glad,

for like the Phoenix you are rising from the ashes

of sorrow and loneliness,

from the debris that fear has left behind.

Now, all fear is transformed into the greater

knowledge of love's presence.

The heart is quieted to hear the Divine reassurance,

to feel the Divine kiss imprinted upon the brow.

Fear is the old dance that is presently waning

as the new moon of trust rises high in the sky.

The Divine heart within each human heart feels the

call of trust.  It is drawn into the oneness of all that is.

Sing and dance, rejoice, each heart,

for the time of fear is ending and the time of warmth

and safety lights the new day.

Dance and sing, celebrate the victory of light

over darkness -

the triumph of the Heart of the World over all

that would diminish it.

Each soul now arises to greet the new day

with cymbals and song, with dance and with joy,

it sings its measure of Divine reflection

for the Heartbeat of the World has become its own.



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