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We are greatly in need of hope.

The Earth is greatly in need of hope.

The heart calls out for it.  The soul longs for it.

The nations of the Earth look toward eacch other

with a mixture of fear and trust,

waiting for hope to arise to solve their common problems.

Hope is a flame that needs air to breathe.

It is a seed that needs water and light to nurture it.

We must give it our attention.

We must not be drawn aside either by everyday concerns

or by fear or despair.

Hope is the bread that nurtures the future.

It is the loom upon which dreams are woven.

Hope is the promise of light's victory.

It is God's promise to the inhabitants of the Earth.

Look to the Oneness and you will see hope,

the Divine that is everywhere,

the holy in everything.

To sustain hope, we must believe in ourselves -

not in the smaller self, but in the larger self that knows

that life is sacred.

We have not acted like life is sacred and so we have

lost hope.

We have lost the firm belief in tomorrow and in

the beauty of today.

This beauty calls out to us.

It says: Choose to see the beauty of each other

and the goodness that IS.

Such goodness is the source of hope.

It is the life of the Earth.

The life of the sun.

The life of our own greater Heart if we recognize it.

Do we recognize this collective Heart?

Shall we share our love with other souls and with

the Divine being-ness of all?

It is ours to decide.


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