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Oh, beautiful Earth, our hearts give thanks to you

for having sheltered us through the ages

with your great love.

All creatures who dwell beneath your branches

give thanks to you for creating a home for them

and their children.

All who fly in the air give thanks for the breezes

that allow them to soar above the beauty below.

You have given of your bounty age after age,

long before those who claimed your bounty for

themselves were born,

long before they misused you, not knowing they were

harming themselves.

The sacred ones have watched over you.

They have known that you were holy and that

your life was their life.

They did not separate from you.

They did not abandon you.

Though it cost them much, they remained faithful

to your lands.

They remained faithful to your waters.

They remained faithful to your air,

and tried to give back to you what you had given.

They are not alone now in their guardianship.

There are other voices calling out to restore

your sacredness -

to stop the violence that has been done to your

holy land,

to return the waters to their original grace,

to celebrate the life that you have given.

All these voices shall gather together in a

great chorus of life.

They shall sing your praises, for you are shining

and beautiful.

You have come from the Vastness to serve life

and have been in service since the beginning.

Blessed Earth, all creatures shall come to give thanks

to your living Being.

For you have loved all beings,

and nurtured them to life,

and given to all from the heart of love.

May all beings come to know your beauty.

May all come to know your holiness.

May all come to return to you

that which was yours from the beginning,

understanding that we are not two, but One...

part of each other -

part of all others.

As it was so in the beginning and shall be so







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