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I am infinite and eternal.

I spread my wings and I am as vast as the Universe.

I extend from one end to the other.

All that I see below me is Me.

All that I see above me is Me.

All that I see within me is Me.

All that I see outside me is Me.

I am the current in the stream.

I am the foam on the waves.

I am the tear in the eye.

I am that which you reach for and I am

the reaching itself.

I am the gesture and I am the goal.

I am the food and I am the one who is fed.

I am the nourishment and the one who nourishes.

I am the light and I am the darkness.

Within myself I contain all pairs of opposites.

I unify all.

Whoever looks into my eyes sees the Universe.

Whoever's eyes I look into shows me God in manifestation.

There is no one Path to the Infinite for all paths

are One and all branches are part of the same tree.

Do not ask, then, where you should go to find God.

For God is everywhere and can be found everywhere.

In the silence of inner space,

in the bright fullness of outer life, God IS.

In the empty places of the heart,

and in the fullness of love, God IS.

In the light of the heart and in the light of the Sun,

God IS.

There is only One here and I am That.

Oceans may flow and waves may roll,

clouds may storm, and rain may fall,

yet the turbulence of time will not dismay

the presence of the Divine.

Nor will the rampages of human emotion destroy

the eternal goodness and purity of each soul.

For I am and You are limitless, eternal,

sharing the space of infinity with each other,

sharing time and timelessness with each other.

I am the breath of Eternity.

I am the chalice that holds the wine of peace.

I am the motion of the stars as they move through

the heavens.

I am light expanding and love expanding.

I am of the One,

to the One,

for the One.

I am blissful Eternity.



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