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There is a Divine Heart in the Universe

and it is calling us Home.

This Heart can be heard as a heartbeat

within the deeper being…

God’s heartbeat, like the sound of a mother

calling her child,

yearning, protective, passionate, insistent.

Or like the ceaseless pulse of the heartbeat

heard by the child who is still in the womb.

We are within the womb of Mother Earth

and within the womb of three-dimensionality.

We are embedded in the physical,

thinking this is all there is.

Yet, the heartbeat calls us to return,

it creates the longing for Home.

It motivates the feet to walk

and the heart to seek its origins.

Where have I come from? 

What am I doing here?

Over many lifetimes the soul begins to recognize

the Divine heartbeat.

It begins to feel and know that it is being called.

At first it is not clear, the way is dark and

covered in shadows.

but the calling remains, like a drumbeat in the distance.

But the feet continue walking…

the heart continues longing…

The Divine Father-Mother does not wait impatiently,

but with full love and desire that the

loneliness end for the beloveds of his/her heart.

For love and a desire for reunion beats in both hearts,

that of the Divine Beloved and that of the Divine

and beloved lifestreams.

No calling is more insistent than the inner calling

to the heart from the Spirit,

for it lasts lifetime after lifetime,

through sun and storm,

through pain and joy.

The Ancient Ones who watch over

the children of the light

wait also for this reunion,

for their hearts are one with the children of Earth

as they are one with the greater Divine.

Guardians of the journey, they cross the bridge

between time and timelessness

so that dimensions can be joined.

All that has been is part of what is Now,

All that will come is seeded in the present.

What will come leaves all sorrow behind,

for all dissolves in the bliss of Infinite Love.

It is to this Love that all are being called,

and shall continue to be called

until the last one has returned Home…

until the last particle of the last one

has joined in the Oneness of eternal light and love.

May all who seek the road Home

know that they are already on it,

and that the process of longing IS the road.

...the journey to eternal love, eternal hope,

and eternal beauty in the Presence

of that which has no beginning or end.

May all journeys be blessed in the holiness

of God's light and love.





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