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The road ahead is inviting,

the heart can open as wide as the sky.

Gentleness is in the air,

new light can be breathed in more deeply.

What was solid can now flow.

The heart that has been so long confined

can burst free, rejoicing at the possibility

of laying down its protection and just loving...

Just loving... just opening to the present and

being in the beauty.

Fear has kept the heart small.

Now, it awakens, fed from an inner source.

All that is flows from this Source.

It flows without fear.  It flows without end.

This Source meets itself over and over again.

It sees its face in every other. 

Joy rises...

Without fear there is freedom, tenderness, play...

The creative spirit within puts on its festive garments

and comes out to dance.

Each one does their own dance and life is the partner.

The road is open.

The journey has begun.

The path is being made smooth.

Taking the next step into the Unknown widens the road.

Letting go of fear opens up possibilities.

These possibilities are limited only by the limits

of the imagination.

All awaits you, for you are love's blossom.

You are love's expression.

You are from the Source and flow to the Source.

YOU are the heart that is learning to sing its own song.

YOU are the wisdom that is learning to dance

and to fly.

YOU are Love's presence, entering now into a place

it could not enter before.

Believe this, know this, feel this.

You are love - the promise that has arrived.


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