The Joining of Love and Truth

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Many people are afraid to let go of roles.

Roles create a comfort zone of how to respond to situations, people, and expectations.

At the same time, they limit the depth of encounter with life and its possibilities.

Not being in a role is a choice that can be made by each heart. 

It is a choice one makes in service to life, to love, and to the

movement of one's own soul.

Such a choice places one in unknown territory where trust is needed that liberating one's own real self will liberate the same in others.

This is not a gesture of defiance but a gesture of love.

The choice to live beyond roles is a calling of the heart, as deep as any other that God awakens.

It is a calling to the real and to a deeper kind of love than most have known.

It only takes one heart to respond to this calling.

That heart will seize every opportunity, look for every opening,

and experience gratitude for every possibility of becoming more real.

Led by love, this heart will make a deliberate choice to remain open when others are closed, and to remain trusting in the power of truth united with love to set free.

It will do this because of its belief that love and truth can be seamlessly wed, and that such joining can bring the joy of true being not only to oneself but to others as well. 

At a certain point in time the choice to step beyond roles is not even a choice, but an inevitability.  For the flow of Divine life engages the heart, body, and soul to such a degree that less than the pursuit of wholeness in life is no longer possible.

Then, only love and truth remain in ever-widening circles of unity and love.



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