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Into the brightness of time comes the light of the Eternal.

Moving without making a sound.

Speaking without uttering a word.

Entering the heart through the veil of un-knowing.

All is in stillness within the inner being.

All has been prepared as the fertile ground

for this visitation.

No matter what the outer leaning,

the heart recognizes holiness.

The soul senses the Eternal.

Holy of holies, found within one's own heart.

Holy of holies, found within one's own being.

Never to be parted, never to be erased,

the intimate knowing of One.

Love that is light and light that is love fill

the vastness of all that is.

The heart that has waited recognizes its Creator.

The soul that has longed, perceives the source

of its own existence.

The senses are open to the beauty of the vastness,

to the infinite plenitude of one's own being.

Here, in the stillness, the one Life flows everywhere,

fills everything, embracing all that is,

overflowing the heart.

It was but a minute ago that the heart thought itself

to be alone.

Now, that minute has become eternity.

Silence, my heart.  Bear witness to the Holy of holies.

Beat, my heart, to the movement of the Eternal within you.

See how the light of the Eternal overlights all shadows,

casting away all darkened places of space and time.

The light of the Eternal is forever.

The holy light of the One, filling the spaces between words,

filling the air between breaths.

Let joy resound, and let all voices sing in praise

of holiness, for what was lost is found.



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