always and everywhere,

I Am the Oneness.

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I am movement.  I am light.

I am infinite Light crucified to the constant of

physical light.

Before all was created, I Am.

Before all was born, I held all within my womb.

Nowhere is there space where I am not.

For I am the birthplace of Creation,

the undying substance of the holy matter of

the Universe.

You cannot know Me except through the love

of all that is.

You cannot see Me except through the Divine light

that is in everything.

For I am invisible.  I am impenetrable.

I am the mystical life force that dwells within all.

Time is the medium in which I flow,

sacred time, holy time.

Time is not a prison but a liberator of the new.

However much you suffer at the hands of time,

you are nevertheless being held in My hands.

My eternal guidance blesses you.

You are known to Me

as I am not known to you,

for I have watched you and watched over you

through the eons of time,

enabling your soul to flourish even when

your personal self felt this was not so.

How can you ask if I am real?

I am as real to you as you allow Me to be, as real as

the grace that flows through life, bringing blessings to all.

I Am and you are eternaly bound to each other,

One in the covenant of the holy,

one in the dust of the Earth.

There is no language that I do not understand,

there is no heart whose voice I do not hear.

I am forever.  I am eternal.

I am the present as well as the past and future.

Each one who feels My light feels the gift of the holy

within time and space.

Each is blessed with understanding.

Each who seeks My light is the son and daughter

of the eternal Father-Mother God that I Am.

One in holiness.  One in purity.  One in awareness

of the sacred.


You cannot know what times will bring.

You cannot know what lies ahead.

Yet, I Am in time and am time

and so I can tell you that the light shall never

be extinguished.

It shall never be put out.

Those sons and daughters of the Mother-Father One

shall know beyond doubt that their efforts have

not beein in vain.

They shall know that the Earth is victorious over

all that conceals the light and holds the darkness

in place.

I am the nameless One.

Mother of the Presence.

Divine heavenly Oneness.

I cannot be seen except through the Oneness

where I Am.

If you reside within your heart and observe the

sacrifices that are made of the lesser self,

you will find Me.

For I am you and I am everywhere.

I shall no longer be hidden from you, however,

for your eyes are opening, and the new vision

is of my Presence within all things.

Thus is the Covenant fulfilled, that man and woman

would come to know God within the domain of the Earth

and upon the land.

That all would see, and know, and feel that there is only

One present, and I Am that.

As the wind sweeps through all things,

blowing away dust and cobwebs,

so, too, shall this new time blow away

the veils that have covered your eyes.

And with new eyes you shall see the universe

of Creation,

single, holy, and in tune with the deepest truth

that permeates all of life.


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