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I am with you, beloveds,

at all times and in every way.

As near to you as your own heartbeat.

As caring for you as the eternal Love that I Am.

When you shed a tear, I feel it as My own.

When you laugh, I am joyful with you.

When your heart breaks, it breaks inside mine,

and so I know your heartbreak as well.

All the days of your life, I am with you.

And as you pass beyond the physical,

I send My messengers to take you by the hand

and help you make the crossing.

There is no feeling that you have that I do not know.

There is no fear that you carry that I do not

wrap in My love so that you can hold it better.

There is no hope that you have that does not

find support in the eternal Hope of My heart.

All that you are is as precious to Me as an infinity

of riches that the material world may think of as wealth.

But for Me, the wealth lies in knowing you,

in feeling your heart within mine,

in holding you through all the dimensions

of Eternity as you grow, and learn, and become.

All of your mistakes are known to Me.

All of your betrayals and turnings away

are known to Me as well.

My eternal Heart understands these things

and does not turn away from you

because you have turned away.

It understands the reasons for the rejection,

holding it with compassion, hope, and confidence.

Trusting that the eternal passage of each soul

into greater Truth will bring a return of all souls

to the Oneness that I Am...

to the One Heart that I Am.

I bless you forever, beloved,

with a blessing that can never be taken away,

and with a love that can never diminish.

No fault of yours is too great to be forgiven,

No dishonesty too great to be understood at its core.

You are forever One with my Heart as I

am One with yours.

My life is your life, and your life is mine.

And I forever hold you in the Oneness

of our life together.

May you receive the blessings of love of

my sacred Heart,

and may you feel that Heart within your own

as the eternal source of Love that you are.




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