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All that is is One, there is no other.

This One includes all things within Itself.
There is nothing outside, all is inside.

The One is eternal, infinite, and complete.

Out of this completeness, the Holy One has created an extension of the oneness to experience its completeness.

This extension is Creation.

It exists within the One, giving form and substance to the ineffable and un-nameable.

All extensions of the One are part of the One.

Yet, some perceive themselves to be separate from it.

This separation is both an illusion and a reality.

From the standpoint of the more fundamental Truth, it is an illusion. 

From the standpoint of the perceiver - the standpoint of what is felt, it is a reality.

Within the Oneness of the One, there is a reason for

this illusion.  It is the growth of each individual consciousness through the experience of living within form.

In this way does the self-existent Divine One expand into

greater wholes, becoming many yet remaining One.

Each individual consciousness remains One in the deeper

layers, yet must become this again in the fullness of the whole self.

Being and Becoming - two aspects of the One.

This dual aspect contains what we think of as the Father and

the Mother - the Divine Creator and the Divine Presence that exists within all things.

Father and Mother, each having a relationship with Creation,

each part of the Oneness of all that is.  Eternal partners, united and inseparable.

Religions, traditions, cultures, and individuals have divided

themselves according to their preference for one or the other

portion of this eternal partnership.

Many have lost their lives over these issues.

Many have been misunderstood or judged because of these


Many have been singled out as heretics or pariahs because of

these issues.

Throughout history, many have forgotten the Mother, thinking of God as only 'beyond'.

It is time for the division to end.

It is time for Creator and Divine Essence, Father and Mother, spirit and matter, to become one.

In your heart you know this to be true, for all of Creation is

made according to the same principle. All hearts are yearning toward the same thing.

To honor the Father, become what you are meant to be.

Bow to the Divine and sacred purpose of Creation, not just

beyond the physical but within the physical as well.

To honor the Mother, go within.

Here, nothing needs to become.  It already IS what it IS.

Being and becoming - one sacred unity.

We must grow in consciousness until we arrive here.

May all recognize the eternal Oneness from which they came.

May peace come to all hearts that seek the way Home.



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