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The door to all possibility lies within you.

It is open. 

You need only walk through it.

It is a door that cannot be seen

by eyes of fear,

but only by eyes of trust and love.

Eyes of fear see only a closed door,

a room with no exits.

Eyes of trust see all of life as open,

yet to be discovered,

yet to be experienced.

To walk through the open door

you must let go of past hurts

and release all judgments.

You are creating a new identity.

You are setting yourself free.

Only one person can walk through

the door that stands before you.


the real you - the you that desires

freedom and peace.

The door is open within you.

New light and grace have brought

new possibilities for healing to the Earth

and new possibilities for all who have struggled.

So it is that you have the choice now

to create a new beginning for yourself.

All of life supports you.

All of light supports you.

Be willing to let go of hurt

and embrace the Love

that is embracing YOU.

Many have said this in the past.

Many have wished this in the past.

Yet it is a new time now,

and what could not be birthed before

can now come into being.

Embrace this new time.

Let it wash through you as rain washes

through a parched Earth.

You are not the child of your past.

Your are a child of God and a child

of the future.

Let the light be born within you.

The way is open,

the curtains have been taken down.

Look for the open door within yourself

and you will find it.

Love awaits you on the other side.

Life awaits you on the other side.

Let a new chapter in your life begin.




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