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The Path that is open before you, beloved,

is not outside but inside.

It asks that you learn the most mysterious thing in the world -

to be yourself.

What is the open path?

It is the path to the discovery of the deepest part of yourself,

the YOU that is a child of light and a child of God.

The path leads to knowledge that you are

part of something greater than yourself,

and yet that same something is inside you as well.

How does one follow the open path?

By following the natural inclination of your soul.

Inspiration, intuition, creative expression –

these are all parts of your soul.

To follow the way you must listen to yourself.

You must give space to the longings of your heart,

and pray to recognize the true longings

from the false.

As you peel away the layers of not-self,

the truth becomes easier, the road lighter,

the choices clearer.

Listen in a quiet space with a quiet heart.

In the silence, the deeper impulses of your soul

can be known.

Each soul can know itself if it follows its own inner light.

Each is being guided from within to follow the highest

road it can.

Your road is your very own, beloved,

unknown to anyone but you.

It annot be anyone else’s road,

for it was created by your soul before you were born,

and you came here to follow it.

There are many choices to make on this path

and many turns to take.

But the one choice you can always make

is to choose the path of highest light…

The path of highest light will take you

deeper and deeper into the truth of who you are

and who God is.

Walk lightly on your path,

and do not try to see too far ahead.

For the open path, by its nature,

cannot be seen far ahead.

It can only be known in the present.

It can only be lived in the present.

Live it joyfully, beloved, and with a light heart,

no matter what the obstacles that stand in your way.

These obstacles are part of the path itself,

chosen by your own deeper self to learn from,

to grow from.

Therefore, as you walk forward, take each step with confidence.

For as you walk forward on your very own path,

God walks with you.



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