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The moment has arrived, the Earth is ready.

All things await the infusion of greater light.

All things are unfolding...

The eternal moment crystallizes within each heart

as an inner knowing,

a knowing of what lies, invisible, behind the curtain.

All things unfold in God's time.

The learning is to wait.

The learning is to trust as the Earth does.

Like a waterfall that tumbles down but

does not hesitate,

the heart must allow itself to open out and

move forward,

letting go of the past, embracing the future,

even while the outcome is unknown,

even while the steps ahead are unclear.

God's timing reveals all things.

It shows the way the heart must travel.

It points to the star that must be held in view.

The human self may wish to assume its own timing.

It may wish to arrange things for comfort's sake,

for security's sake, for pleasure's sake.

But the soul awaits the sacred word of the Divine

to guide its steps.

It awaits the sure impulse of truth that cannot be

set aside by fear.

The birth of holiness cannot be measured in time.

The birth of sacredness cannot be fatheomed

as can other things.

These are the things that God is creating now,

invisible to the physical senses but known to the heart.

These are the forerunners of the future.

Hope is arising.

Even in the presence of delay and postponement,

even in the presence of doubt or fear,

the expectation rises.

All who follow God's timing are surrendering the ego

in favor of the soul.

All are bowing in reverence before God the Mother

who is the flow and fabric of time itself.

Such surrender embraces truth, the truth

of Divine perfection, the truth of oneness.

Such surrender embraces holiness.

Thus does God's timing call to the heart, saying

'wait', 'trust', 'believe'...  all will come as it is

meant to be.

This is the message for our time,

the message of trust,

the message of surrender to God's Time.


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