The Renewal of the Earth

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An inspiring message from the higher dimensions of light concerning the planetary dimensional shift known as Ascension. This video is the second in a series on Planetary Ascension and follows "Planetary Ascension - The Birth of the Sacred. It conveys not only hope for the future, but also the profound and sacred importance of each human being on the Earth today.



Light from the Great Central Sun is infusing the cells

of every living thing…

It is bringing hope and love to the tissues and organs themselves so that all can live…

These tissues and cells are the repository of new life

for the Earth.

They are not just part of your body,

they are part of the Earth’s body,

resplendent in every way,

carrying a message from the Source of Life:

This Source needs to convey an understanding to you,

beloveds, of the great change that is happening

to your physical existence.

It is not just a change in your consciousness, beloved ones.

It is a change in the physical matter

of which your physical dimension is composed.

What has formerly permitted the perception of separation

of one thing from another was based in the body.

It was not a fault of the mind.

The body, and especially the brain, conveyed to each living being the ‘truth’ of duality through the physical senses.

Now, it shall convey the truth of unity through a different set of senses – those that are part of the ‘higher mind’ which vibrates at a different frequency than the brain-based mind.

This shift to the ‘higher mind’

is what will create the change in perception

that will herald the dimensional shift

that the planet is undergoing.

It is not something to be feared any more than learning

about a new substance that you had never seen before

is to be feared.

The substance that you have never seen before

has always been there.

It had just not been discovered yet and was therefore not visible to your eyes.

Nevertheless, it was part of you and part of your environment in the same way that a newly discovered planet,

or fossil, or rock, is part of your environment. 

It has always been part of you.

To some, it will therefore feel as natural as breathing to makethis transition.

It will feel like it has always been known that one

could feel and perceive in this way.

To others, it will feel like a new way of breathing

had been discovered –

as if one had suddenly developed gills and could

breathe under water,

- or suddenly developed additional arms that allowed one to

do more things at once than had previously been possible.

The planetary shift is not something that will take away

what has been known.

Rather, it will place what has been known in a new container,

showing it to be but a portion of a greater whole –

the reality of Time/No-Time, and Space/No-Space.

This will allow the human self to exist, still, within physical

form, yet experience the eternal and everpresent.

It is a shift that will create a knowing that God is real.

All of life waits for this shift to take place, for it is not just of benefit to those who inhabit the Earth sphere.

It is of benefit to the entire universe in which the Earth

is located.

Do not think that you have to do anything special to prepare

for this monumental change.

What is needed is trust, and a willingness to open to a new

reality – the reality of the Oneness.

This reality is already infiltrating your planetary sphere in

much the same way that a fresh breeze can blow through a room that has been shuttered up for a while.

The shutters have been removed, and the winds of change

are beginning to blow through.

You may not see the effects yet around you,

but you can feel them most in your body.

Your body is releasing the things that bind it to the past,

and is taking on the new appearance of a body of light.

Each body is doing this that inhabits the planet Earth.

There are no exceptions.


For this reason, it is especially important to take care of your

body at this time – to listen to it and to give it what it seems

to want and need in the way of nourishment.

Your care for this precious vessel of light will enable you to

bring together the holy and the ordinary in a much more direct

way, since you will create a path of light through the body.

Beloved ones, all that you need to know or to understand

about what will take place is already within you.

Some is intuitive knowledge already gained, some, knowledge from your past as a soul which has prepared you for this moment.

Let go of all doubt that what has been foreseen shall not take

place or shall not include you.

It is already including you, and your awareness of truth

will allow you to know what is happening.

Pray for the blessed reality of holiness to come to all beings,

that all may share in the new time that is being born,

without fear.

For as the sun rises on a new day, so, too, shall the

Great Central Sun rise upon the Earth with a beauty and

magnificence that shall be visible to all who have eyes

that can see.

Rejoice, then, and let your heart open to the love that is being

birthed on your planet.

For the time of waiting is over, and a new light and grace

shall cover the land.

May all of life be blessed forever.  Amen.


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